Winters, Christmas and Lindt Chocolates!

It’s my first Winter in Basel, Switzerland–and I have a confession to make.

I’m freezing.

While this is not the first time I have experienced winters, this is the first time I have seen temperatures dipping down to 0 degrees. The sun may shine (on good days) but it’ll be cold. There are days when we wake up to the sound of snow plow trucks, or, when I find all cars covered in puddles of ice.

While we were deciding on this move, we had huge discussions about the weather.  Afterall, I had lived half of my life in Bangalore, a place that has no winter! (We would need 1 sweater in the coldest month there.)

What has changed with the onset of Winter in Switzerland? Well, for starters, the number of layers I put on before I leave the house.  I have really started enjoying the cozy interiors and at times. And when the sky is clear, I like to stroll around the city. I absolutely love the atmosphere with the winter markets, festivity, baked goodies and the Christmas traditions.

With winters, comes the end of the year, and Christmas. December is a month to reflect, take stock and plan ahead. It is also holiday season and therefore, spending quality time with family is mandatory. Making most of this, I even found my Christmas tree.

As I looked for ornaments, the first set of ornaments were a surprise from Lindt (the Swiss chocolatiers) who sent us a beautiful LINDOR Christmas package to brighten up the festive spirit.

I have a sweet tooth: that’s no secret, but I’ve absolutely loved Lindt from my teens. Growing up, my sister and I used to eat one a day, savoring each bite and making sure we save some for the next day. It melts my heart when I watch my daughter, Niyati, go through similar emotions.

The bad part? I have to share my chocolate stash.


I was very happy to participate in a campaign with Lindt Chocolate. Our campaign for Lindt (#mylindormoment) ends today and hence we decided to sum it up with all our favorite pictures from the shoot that I did. This exercise gave me an opportunity to understand flat lays better and awakened some sort of aesthetic senses in me.


Please do leave your feedback as comments on the pictures, we would love to also hear about your love for chocolates. My feelings for Lindt… shows up in the pictures now…with all the extra calories. Oh come on! Tis’ the season to be merry!

Coffee & Chocolate & Wine Make a normal day divine. @lindt_switzerland – #mylindormoment

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