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“I built a personal brand which is solely and completely based on the traditional principles of storytelling. 

While I was narrating “My Swiss Story” I was creating content that was relatable, consistent and grabbed the reader’s attention cuz it stayed authentic.

Even after 7 years, I’ve stuck to my narrative.”

Pragati Siddhanti

We offer a range of services here at My Swiss Story, our aim is to help you establish and build your brand authentically. Scroll down to see which of our options serves you the best! We are looking forward to your interesting ideas and many fruitful collaborations.

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Establish your expertise in the industry

Can you provide insight within the areas of expat living, travel, entrepreneurship, personal development, health, education, social media, leadership or lifestyle?

Then you might qualify for the opportunity to become a guest contributor at My Swiss Story.

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Get featured by telling your story

Exclusive interview in our section “Women Leaders and Entrepreneurs” will effortlessly increases your brand visibility.

If you’re a woman whose story needs to be told, apply today! Our selection team will evaluate your profile and get back to you at the earliest.

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Promote your brand with My Swiss Story

We create unique brand promotional proposals and strategic campaigns. Give your brand the exposure and engagement that it deserves!

Pssst….I do have a soft corner for supporting women owned businesses. Feel free to browse the website for references.

Here’s how you can get featured on My Swiss Story:

Are you a woman entrepreneur/leader/content creator? My Swiss Story is not just an ex-pat blog, we are also a platform that features women with inspiring stories on a regular basis. The idea behind all our featured posts is to motivate more and more women to take that leap of faith through the power of storytelling.

We are constantly looking for women with fascinating stories and experiences; those who are passionate enough to make a difference, those who have built successful businesses, those who have paved the path for others, and those who taken actions to overcome adversities.

If you think you fit the bill, and that your story will inspire our audience; fill the form below,; we are looking forward to getting to know you!

Some references from 2022:

Here’s how you can become a contributor at My Swiss Story:

Do you have expertise in the areas that “My Swiss Story” covers and would serve as valuable content for our readers? We accept guest posts all-round the year and this option helps our contributors to establish their expertise in the market. All contributions on our platform (website and social media channels) give you the option to add a do-follow backlink as well as include your bio at the end of the article.

This allows you exposure to showcase your work and expertise which is valuable both for your SEO as well as gaining potential clients among other advantages. Before applying, refer to the submission guidelines below:

  • Your submission can be a pitch to your idea or the entire piece.
  • Your submission must be an original piece of content based on your personal experience or professional expertise. Before making a submission, always think about how your content can be useful to our audience?
  • Posts should be between 500-1500 words and must fit into one of our categories
  • Your posts should be proofread and grammatically correct, it should not be posted anywhere else and we reserve the right to edit, use and share them across all our channels.
  • We edit all posts to fit the style of our website, however, if too much editing is required, please note that you will be informed, and we will come up with a pragmatic solution.
  • Please do not load the article with multiple links to your website unless absolutely necessary. We will always link to your website in your author bio at the end of the article. Please provide one photo as well as a short author bio which will be used at the bottom of your article.
  • Please provide good quality images that go along with your submission. Please note that not all photos are published, pictures are selected based on their relevance.

Some references from our recent contributors:

Here’s how you can promote your brand on My Swiss Story:

We build unique proposals for brand promotions: right from building content on our website and our associated social channels to running creative campaigns, our team is adept with the right knowledge and tools for giving your brand the exposure and engagement that it deserves!

We have a soft corner for supporting local businesses; however, browse around the website and our social media channels for references and our recent associations.

Intrigued? Would you like to learn more?

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