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Do not forget who you are and where you come from.

You are made of the brightest stars and the widest oceans.

You are made of the highest mountains and the tallest trees.

You are made of magic and dreams, wishes and light.

You have heroes, warriors, kings, queens, gods and goddesses flowing through your veins.

You come from infinite possibilities and incredible odds.

You are here for a reason.

Purpose, Nikki Banas| Walk the Earth
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After the success of Coffee with a purpose™ , 2023 marks the beginning of a new chapter for My Swiss Story.

with purpose

A couple of years ago, I realized that my super power wasn’t tech, or excel sheets or creating content. It was actually quite basic; it was “bringing people together”.

And this has helped me tremendously in my professional life; the moment you bring people together that’s the moment you create “win-win” situations.

Hence, my vision with this platform is to build the most supportive and nurturing community in Switzerland where we lift each other up!

This year

Women from all over Switzerland (and beyond) will be able to meet, collaborate and connect with each other and “with purpose“.

How? What’s your plan?

with purpose

I’m glad you asked, we will no longer be limited to coffee meets; this year we will extend our initiative to events, webinars, business showcases, workshops and MORE!

The “with purpose” initiative is built on the foundation of love, community and collaboration.

The aim is to enable you, encourage you, support you while giving you a sense of belonging.

Tell me more!

Hey, I am designing the “with purpose” calendar for the year and I will share all the deets here, in my newsletter as well as on my social media! So do stay with me.

Some of our events will be physical (predominantly Basel and Zurich with limited number of participants) and some would be virtual (bigger groups). The coffee meets and webinars will be held once a month and all other events will be announced soon.

Register today to stay informed

But Hey👋🏻

While I am very busy working on the plan, I am opening the gates of collaboration.

Are you someone who would like to share their expertise and connect with other like-minded ladies?

Are you someone who has an idea or suggestion for our next event?

Are you someone who would like to showcase their business?

Are you someone who would like to speak about a particular topic in one of our webinars this year?

Are you someone or do you know someone who should be featured?

Well, the possibilities are endless… you might have more ideas for me!!

Reach Out!

If you answered YES to one or more questions or have an idea for a collaboration . Get in touch by sending me a quick email!

I would like to register

Fill out the form to register for our “with purpose” events; we don’t spam you but we will keep you posted about our forthcoming events.

I am hoping to meet so many of you this year and am looking forward to welcoming you to our loving community!

Help Us

Spread the word, post about the initiative on social media, share this page with your friends, followers and family members!

This initiative starts and ends with YOU!

Bookmark this page, updates will be posted here regularly!

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