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Thanks for being here! I know it’s a lot of effort to click buttons on a website which are not FB, IG or LinkedIn or whatever your social media poison is. Whether you are twiddling your thumbs or are actually using a keyboard, thanks for being here!

A little about me – I am an information and technology leader with a large consulting organization, a part time lecturer and a passionate content creator. I have worked in the IT enterprise application area for over 17 years specializing in development, design, architecture and execution of mid-size/large business-technology engagements. (Yea!) By education, I am a computer science engineer with a Masters in Business and Information systems.

My Swiss Story is my passion project and I love it wholeheartedly. The website was started to help fellow expats navigate life as a newbie in Switzerland while exploring Swiss-scapes. Over the last couple of years, we grew, and MSS now has an all woman editorial team and we produce rich content about everything from mental health, wellness, parenting, home, expat living and travel all across Europe.

I thrive on my creative and entrepreneurial spirit and believe very strongly in uplifting, elevating, and encouraging women! Hence, you will often find regular creative collaborations and women being featured on this space.

I live in the beautiful city of Basel with my adorable daughter and my husband. Oh yes, before I forget, I am addicted to digital TV – so Netflix, YouTube, and Bollywood are totally my jam!

The Journey

indian expat in switzerland

I have been blogging since an entire lifetime, even when this was not a thing – but I think it was the year of 2016 when my writing found it’s purpose. This was the year I moved to Switzerland and suddenly my write ups started to resonate with a lot of people. And hence, began the story of Be for Beauty and social media. For the uninitiated, Be for Beauty is a lifestyle blog run out of India and was founded by my sister – Manavi Siddhanti.

In 2019, we took a collective decision to have two websites – one with a focus on beauty and lifestlye and the other with the focus on expat living and travel! Hence, My Swiss Story!


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