Hi there! You’ve stumbled upon our small slice off the internet. My name is Pragati, an Indian Expat based in Switzerland and the founder of this website. My Swiss Story is a digital magazine which talks about expat living, women empowerment, travel, parenting, careers, mental health issues, home, nutrition, and more.

21 Hidden Gems of Switzerland is BACK!

21 Hidden Gems of Switzerland is an eBook which is a collaborative attempt to unravel Switzerland’s best kept travel secrets. Reading this book will not only help add a new destination to your bucket list but also help you plan your trip right down to the details.

Meet our Editorial Panel

In June 2020, My Swiss Story turned a new leaf and teamed up with some fabulous women who are experts in their respective fields. Click on the images below and get to know more about them!

Meet our Mental Health Expert - Ann Grandchamp
Meet Our Beauty & Lifestyle Advisor, Manavi Siddhanti
Meet our Home Organisation Expert - Helena Zachariassen

Meet our Health Expert, Angela Warm
Meet Our Swiss Travel Expert - Ipsita Barua
Meet our Parenting and Education Expert, Nayana Chakrabarti

What is “My Swiss Story”?

I moved to the beautiful city of Basel in 2016 and fell in love almost instantly. This move broadened perspective and I decided to document my “new swiss life” in the form of words and pictures on a regular basis. On this blog, I share with you the life of an expat – the moving, the settling, and the being.

Guys, I have lived in Switzerland for round about 4 years and in these years, we’ve had a little bit of a misfortune of changing apartments (time and again). Add to that the complexity of living in 2 cities, and you have the perfect guide on your hand.  […]

Whether you are new to Switzerland, a trailing spouse or someone who intends to work in Switzerland, this series is going to help you get some straight answers. Answers, which are usually wrapped under prolific lines or diplomatic emails, find them all here. […]

Last year around the same time, the time when autumn kicks in and winter starts to tap on your door – I did these posts on moving to Switzerland, Basel in particular. My move, no doubt, gave opportunities to write and to share experiences. Some of my articles resonated with expats in similar situations, some with mothers riding through the same storms and some with women who are and were changing career norms. […]

COVID-19 Resources

To make this rather stressful period easy for you, for the next weeks we will have experts (chefs, coaches, and marketing gurus) share with you their top tips, mantras, recipes and exercises to help you get through. Kicking off this series, we have Rachna Gursahani, who conducts cooking workshops in Zug and specializes in Indian Veg Meals. [..]

After over 3 weeks of confinement, are you finding yourself feeling more emotional and/or anxious? Please know that it is absolutely normal to feel what you are feeling. Your reaction mechanisms related to forced isolation are in full swing: the fear of loneliness, the anxiety of an uncertain future or even a feeling of social abandonment. [..]

Nothing about it is normal, and it is okay to have really different (read difficult) days, I have been feeling supercharged on certain days and quite demotivated on certain days. Today, on the blog, we have Angela Warm who shares with you her top 7 immune-supporting practices to protect yourself. [..]

I have been putting together corona resources for the past few weeks now, this list is again non-exhaustive, but I will continue to post these weekly digests to help you make the best of these uncertain times. Together (in spirit), we got this! [..]

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If you follow me on IG (I really think you should) then you probably know that we spent a week in Corso during the autumn break, a word to describe our experience – AMAZING! You know the trip has gone pretty well when: […]

If you’ve read my previous post, then you know that this time we spent our winter holiday in the beautiful cities of Amsterdam and Brussels. At times this trip was windy, chilly or rainy and sometimes it was all 3 at the same time – the weather can be a bummer during some parts of the day, but my post is surely going to keep your spirits high! […]

London remains to be my favourite holiday destination; having said that, the city does get overwhelming for travellers especially if the trip hasn’t been planned well. My husband visits London on work all the time (read every other week), this was my 2nd time there, despite some familiarity, we made some solid mistakes. My post here is an ode to you not making these! Therefore, without further ado, here we go. Brace yourselves. […]

What’s up my lovely people! I hope you had a good start to the new year! Let there be a lot of travel, happiness, and success in Y2020 for all of us!

For our winter holiday this time, we took trips to 2 beautiful cities: Amsterdam and Brussels.[…]

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