Bubble Hotel: A night under the stars

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Imagine looking up at the blue sky, feeling as if you can touch it. Imagine being entertained by a curious bird looking down at you from the swaying branch overhead. Imagine watching the moon play hide and seek with the clouds, or challenging your partner to spot and name constellations… all while lying in bed.

This is the only time ‘living in a bubble’ is positive, both in meaning and experience.

The Bubble Hotel or ‘Himmelbett’ is an initiative by Thurgau Tourismus that offers a unique stay in a bubble room, in the heart of nature with simple comforts. It’s located in five gorgeous locations in Thurgau and can be reserved from April until October each year.

We spent a night at the Kartause Ittingen Himmelbett and tell you what to expect when you book a stay.

The Bubble

The bubble room is a transparent, spherical tent, furnished with comfortable twin beds, bedside tables with battery-powered lamps, two stools and a small table. In addition to the blankets in bed, there are also two extra fleece blankets in case you need while sitting outside. There are two garden chairs and a table outside the bubble. The toilets, located in the Kartause Ittingen complex, are just a two minute walk from the bubble.

The bubble, despite being completely transparent is strategically located among the shrubs and trees, overlooking vineyards and well hidden from the public eye for your privacy.

Note: Towels and toiletry aren’t provided.

The location

The bubble is just steps away from Kartause Ittingen, a former Carthusian monastery set in idyllic grounds with beautiful flower gardens, sloped vineyards, apple and pear orchards. It also houses two museums, a cute little shop selling fresh local produce from the estate, well-equipped conference centres and a historic hotel with 68 stylish rooms.

Restaurant Mühle, with its big mill wheel, built in 1870, serves a delightful seasonal fare made from local ingredients, mostly sourced from the monastery farm, dairy, butchery, bakery, garden, fish farm and wine cellar.

At the Ochsenstall bar, you can enjoy fine wines from Kartause Ittingen’s winery along with Ittingen Klosterbräu, the local beer and a great choice of fine spirits produced exclusively in Switzerland or at other European monasteries.

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My Swiss Story: Bubble Hotel, A night under the stars Image credit: Ipsita Barua


Garden stroll: Leisurely stroll through the splendid gardens with an audio guide on one of four themed walks namely Garden and Landscape, Calmness and Spirituality, Art and Reflection, Fragrance and Pleasure.

Bike excursion: Take an e-bike (included in your bubble hotel room rate) and follow one of the many cycling routes starting at the Kartause to the Thur and Seebach valleys.

Ittingen Museum: Experience the completely preserved monastery up close and personal in this museum, established in 1983.

Thurgau Art Museum: Admire outstanding works of contemporary art by international artists in exhibition halls located in the cellars of the former monastery. 

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My Swiss Story: Bubble Hotel, A night under the stars Image credit: Ipsita Barua


It’s a bit like glamping. You get to stay in the midst of nature, enjoy the sights and sounds undisturbed, sleep in cozy comfortable beds and not worry about setting up or dismantling the tent. Check-in, stay and check-out.

We were blessed with good weather. So after a full meal at the restaurant and a few supplies from the monastery shop, we sat outside the bubble with a view towards the vineyards, sipping well into sunset. The sun was quick to go but the best was yet to come. Just when it was getting dark, we switched off the battery lights and lay on our beds, in time to witness the most beautiful night sky as the stars made an appearance one by one. It brought back memories of childhood visits to the planetarium where I would look up in awe at the world above and the secrets therein.

That silent, quiet night with almost nothing between us and the sky is a feeling that alone made our bubble stay a truly starry affair.

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My Swiss Story: Bubble Hotel, A night under the stars Image credit: Ipsita Barua

Price and inclusions

The standard rate for 2 persons/1 night in the Bubble Hotel is CHF 230 on weekdays and CHF 290 on weekends (March to June and September to October).

This includes:

  • 1 e-bike per person
  • Buffet breakfast in Restaurant Mühle
  • Free entry to Ittingen Museum and Thurgau Art Museum

Not included: Thurgau tourist tax of CHF 2.50 per person/per night

You also have the option to choose from the many package deals and exclusive offers that combine activities and an extra night of stay in an alternate accommodation.

More information on offers and booking can be found HERE

Getting there

Kartause Ittingen is not more than hour from Zurich, both by private and public transport.

  • By car
    On motorway A7, take exit Frauenfeld-West and follow the brown signs «Kartause Ittingen»
  • By public transport
    Take the train to Frauenfeld and then bus no. 819. It will take you directly to Kartause Ittingen. For the best connections, consult: www.sbb.ch

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