5 Things to do in Mallorca, Spain

The summer has been a bit unusual here in Switzerland with grey skies and unwanted downpours. So it was a good idea to take a 1.5 hr flight to Mallorca (Spain) and see the azure blue beaches and soak in some sun.

So, let’s dive πŸ˜‰ right into my experience at Mallorca, Spain and also have a look at some tips and recommendations.

Points note if visiting Mallorca, Spain

  • Best to book a car because the island is huge and you have more flexibility with a car. We booked Ok Rental. Once you land at Mallorca airport, make your way to the shuttle stop. From there the Ok car rental van will take you to their office, FREE of charge.

(If you take full insurance you can skip the queue and get a VIP car handover).

  • From one end of the island to another is a maximum driving time of 1 hr, so plan accordingly
  • If you are visiting for a week or more, choose 2 or 3 different places to stay in covering the length and breath of the country. We stayed in Porto Cristo, Pollensa Port, Soller and Palma.

Top things to do in Mallorca, Spain

  • Be a beach bum

Mallorca is famous for its beaches. While you’re driving around you will see signs for Playa – beach. Follow that and you’ll not be disappointed. I am embarrassed enough to admit that I don’t know how to swim, but some places were shallow enough to let me just dip.

My Swiss Story: 5 Things to do in Mallorca Photo: Ipsita Barua
  • Get aboard the SΓ³ller tram

As old as 1913, this was the first electric tram in Mallorca. It runs from the port to the SΓ³ller town. Slow, past lemon orchards, mountains with the horns and the old engines. There’s usually a queue for this and it runs every half hour, time your ride accordingly. You have to pay cash on board to the ticket collector (EUR 7 pp) like the old way.

  • Visit Sa Calobra

It’s a small beach, but a stony one. What makes it special is the drive up there. Hairpin bends, views of the sea, 2 tunnels to walk through alongside the coast… this beach is an experience. You can either take a tourist bus or drive on your own here. Beautiful from all angles.

  • Visit the Palma Cathedral

This impresses you from a distance even before you get close to this marvel of a structure. With a beautiful water structure that reflects it’s Gothic style, the Cathedral is located in the main city and so beautiful that it made us change our reservations to spend 2 nights in Palma.

My Swiss Story: 5 Things to do in Mallorca Photo: Ipsita Barua
  • Shop

Palma is where you’ll fly out from. So keep some time to shop at reasonable rates if you live in Switzerland, because the difference in price and collection is noticeable. Palma has a beautiful shopping boulevard and little lanes with local boutiques. Explore those and keep some spare bag space.

My Swiss Story: 5 Things to do in Mallorca Photo: Ipsita Barua

A week would be enough here unless you fancy a bit more tanning. This was my summer story. Share yours.

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