How to generate money from your business?

Hey Guys! Today’s article from Ilana Jankowitz is for anyone who’s been feeling stuck or frustrated with how things are going with their business or even at their regular job. She uncovers basics and allows you to identify blocks in your mindset related to money, and gives direction to a way forward.

Read further to discover some of her fundamental practices, after you’re done, you have the opportunity to take her My Money Quiz.

At the start of every new year, the buzz-words swirling around are planning, intentions, goals, and how to generate money. By June, they are just a distant memory.

  • So what can an entrepreneur do to make those resolutions and ideas actually happen?
  • How do you move from turning a vague idea into a clear intention?
  • How do you then take that intention and formulate it in ways that give you clarity about how to generate money?
  • And what new habits can you incorporate into your daily life to help move you forward with achieving everything you desire?

Clearly defined goals are where it’s at

I can’t stress enough the value of having clearly defined goals. They provide purpose and direction for your hard work. To help me get clear I do an exercise called ‘The Inventory’. This highlights key attributes like:

  • Good communication
  • Good people skills
  • Creativity
  • Humour, and so on

What key attributes do you have that can serve you in your business and are you using them to their fullest extent?

Look back to plan forward

When you plan for the year, quarter or month ahead, it really helps to look back on where you’ve come from to see what’s worked well and what you might want to change. This information is so useful for pinpointing where you want to grow your business and how you’re going to do it.

Let me be clear: setting your intentions and goals isn’t a one-and-done scenario. The best approach is to write them down, then go over them several times to flesh out the plan and ensure it’s comprehensive and excites you.

Committing plans to paper is the first step in creating something tangible that you can physically see. If everything thing is left swirling around in your head, likely you’ll just keep ping-ponging around without focus. Make sure you keep your written plan where you can regularly refer to it and be reminded where you’re going – out of sight is all too often out of mind!

Build a vision board

Never underestimate the power that a visual representation of your dreams can bring. Create your vision board and pop it up in your office so that every day you can see what you’re working towards. Be sure to build in some rewards for all your hard work as well – one of my favourites is a coffee and catch-up with a friend.

Honing your personal habits

Marrying great life habits with a focused business plan is like manifesting rocket fuel! It shows you’re all in with your vision and ready to make your dreams happen. Whether you like it or not, success doesn’t just appear as some brilliant breakthrough. Oh no, it’s the small things you do consistently every day that bring about real change. Let’s look at a few habits you could try…


A gratitude journal is hands down the best tool for positively impacting your mindset in all areas of your life and business.

Weekly Intentions list

Having set goals and made your plan for the year, to ensure you don’t feel overwhelmed, it’s helpful to chunk things down into smaller weekly intentions.

Schedule learning

If we’re not learning, we’re not growing! A lack of growth means you’re limiting your opportunities to create success. That doesn’t necessarily mean you have run out and do a degree. Simply reading personal development books, listening to podcasts, or taking short courses expands your mind and knowledge beyond where it is right now.

Networking and accountability

Meeting other like-minded women creates opportunities to connect and collaborate on interesting and exciting projects together. There are likely lots of professional women’s groups in your area, as well as meetups.

Accountability buddies are another great way to connect and stay motivated. Get together regularly and share our intentions for the week and successes from the previous week.

Pure clean water

This may sound silly but hear me out! Your brain needs water to function properly so by staying hydrated you achieve better results because you’re more focused and have more energy. Keep a water bottle on your desk and fill it up regularly throughout the day.

So, now your plan is made and you have some new habits to support you, it’s full steam ahead implementing it. Believe me, you’re going to feel so much fulfillment and pride when your planning makes your dreams come true. I’m so excited for you!

If you’re feeling any resistance with the money aspect of your plan, likely you have some unconscious money blocks holding you back. My Money Quiz will give you insights into what these might be. Once you’ve taken the quiz, let’s jump on a call and chat through your results and ways you could have a money breakthrough.

Ilana is the Founder of Mindful Money Coaching, based in Zurich, Switzerland. She’shelping women in business unblock their money and increase their Magician Archetype. She believes we don’t have business problems, but personal money issues that show up in our business or work. She is happily married with two young adult children both of whom are pursuing their life’s passion. Finally, I’ve discovered my life’s passion.

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