Style Files: The Not So Little Black Dress

Back to school has been a common theme in our house over the last few months. While we have been very excited with Niyati starting grade 1 in Switzerland, we all have been excited about mamma going back to school too.

Change of heart

I have long since wanted to do a masters degree and I am now doing it. In life, you probably don’t get too many chances to pursue studies especially having tasted the forbidden fruit a.k.a. money. I have worked in the IT sector for almost 14 years, I continue to work however I do not continue to run the corporate race. Of course I miss it, the pictures are a testament of “how much”.

Is it too safe to wear a little black dress?

While I wouldn’t give the outfit inspiration a pure corporate christening I would refer to it as a semi formal work wear or probably the “safe” evening wear.

What does that mean?

You want to look effortlessly chic. Without really letting people know how much time you spent on getting ready. There are certain clothes in your wardrobe which you know will never go wrong, for instance the famous LBD, or denims and we all use it for the right occasions. I love being creative with my clothes, I love mix and match, and I love colour and accessories. However, I make sure I always keep my no brainers, always safe clothes, handy.

About this one –  This particular dress is not too short and not even too long. The black pencil skirt almost always work for everyone thanks to its pseudo slimming abilities and teaming it up with classic pearl accessories never goes wrong.

What I am wearing? 

A black pencil skirt from a local Bangalore brand – I’ve had this one for forever. A black formal blouse with pearls on the neckline from a boutique in Bangkok. Pumps from Soles Bangalore, watch from RADO – Switzerland and the black sling bag from Forever 21.

All pictures by my dear friend and ace photographer – Zarina Yaya.

Talk to me

What’s your “safe” wear? Leave your comments as I would love to hear all about it. As usual, fashion collaborations in Switzerland –

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