Top Picnic Spots around Basel

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Last month we brought to you the top picnic spots in Zurich, and thanks to the amazing response…we are here with the Basel edition of it! With the Summer Vacations in full swing, it’s time to bring out those picnic baskets and bask in the wonderful sun with your loved ones. Summer is short and there’s no time to waste 😉 So, let’s dive right in!

1. Kannenfeld Park

This beautiful park is the largest one in Basel. Packed with capacious playgrounds for all ages to enjoy and vast bands of grass to chill – it has ample space for all your picnic adventures and shenanigans. When here for a fun picnic, you can make most of this place by relaxing in the beautiful rose garden, visiting the small café located at the main entrance on the south side or playing around in the new “sunken garden” area with benches and lounging seats.
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2. Schutzenmatt Park

This one is one of the post popular parks in the city…and rightfully so. Apart from being centrally located, this park offers a perfect balance of activities that people from all age can enjoy. With its variety of swings, climbing trees, playhouse, table tennis tables, sandpit, paddling pool etc. your little ones will be totally engaged here! Meanwhile, the adults can sit and relax with a coffee in the park café and admire the public works of art which make the park a special gem.
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3. Lange Erlen Animal Park

If you are an animal lover (and your kids are too) then how about trying this out of the box picnic location? Engulfed in greenery and surrounded by lush trees, this outdoor animal park houses a variety of species of animals from all around the world – deers, lynx, wild cats, ponies, goats, sheep, bunnies, guinea pigs and more. To add to this vast variety, there’s also an aviary, where people from all age groups can enjoy observing a large variety of birds. This place almost seems like a scene out of a movie, with Peacocks, storks and herons wandering freely in the park and ponds studded with pretty ducks and geese!
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4. Gartenbad Bachgraben

There’s not much to say about this one except – who doesn’t like the idea of an open pool with greenery around? 😉 This one is a really fun and fresh option to explore on a bright sunny day with your family. Before a swim session, you can also enjoy volleyball and follow it up with a nice meal at the restaurant with a sun terrace on the upper floor.

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5. St. Johanns-Park

This too is a great option if you prefer spacious parks. The large lawn and playing areas equipped with sand pits, swings, fun slides resembling ducks and pigs will surely catch the eye of your kids. Furthermore, another highlight of this park is the lovely cafe where you can relax in the sun and read one of their magazines while sipping a refreshing lemonade, coffee, or beer.
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Well, I hope now you’re all set to spend some quality time in the beautiful basel summer! Here’s to an adventurous summer ahead! 😉 What’s your favourite spot to laze around on a summer day? Share with us and add to our list.

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