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Hi guys,

Today I’m going to briefly talk about my stay at, Sheraton Lisboa. Why? Well, I think wouldn’t be fair to talk about Lisbon without talking about my stay at the Sheraton Lisboa.

Ordinarily, there isn’t too much to talk about since all hotels usually turn out the same. But not this time.  I stayed in the hotel for 10 nights and here’s what I have to say:

The Room: View and Amenities

My premium room was on the 19th floor that offered some of the best views of Lisbon. The room had all the essentials: a comfortable double bed, pillow menu, Wi-Fi access, a safe, a fridge and a table to work on. But besides these, the room service included complimentary Port Wine, Champagne and desserts, including custard tarts every night. My room was around 200 E a night, a tad expensive but the service, food and amenities made up for it.

sheraton lisboa

Ordinarily, I hate natural light peeping into my room, over here pulling down the screen seemed like missing out. The hotel rooms offer window to ceiling views of the skyline, meaning I would wake up and sleep to one of the most exquisite views of Lisbon.

panorama bar lisbon
sheraton lisboa lobby

Food and Drink

The breakfast buffet, which I never missed was always the same elaborate meal, after a while it became routine but I was being spoilt. I am not sure if I crave the paranthas and dosas yet.

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Every time I would order wine, I was pleasantly surprised with how good it would feel on my palette. I think I am going into a spiral, which makes me feel very restless. I absolutely enjoyed at my time at panaroma and loby bars/lounges at the hotel.

sheraton fitness lisboa

sheraton fitness3 lisboa

Fitness Centre and Services

The Sheraton offers a range of spa services, I didn’t indulge in massages but made full use of the gym. Besides, my priority was to step out and soak in the city of Lisbon. But the services go on from hand, foot and body massages, to facials and body scrubs. The gym, pool, sauna, Jacuzzi are all located on the same floor, but oddly there were separate charges for the pool.

My only feedback to the hotel was about including pool privileges as a part of their fitness centre services too.


While checking out, the staff was courteous and very helpful. Settling the bill was a smooth affair, the bags reached the cab in no time and the wakeup call had S-E-X-Y written on it.

Besides this, they also gave me a voucher that allows me 2 nights in any Sheraton of my choice and if it’s as good as Lisbon, I do look forward to it.

Before I sign out, I thought I’d jot a few tips for travellers who have multiple stops and destinations. These tips will help corporates as well as tourists.

  1. Pack a day in advance: While you do this, look at every nook and corner so that you don’t feel sorry later. Don’t leave your favourite pair of shoes in the closet or maybe your passport in the locker.
  2. Arrange for a pickup and a drop: This keeps you sorted for early morning and late-night travels. I met Carlos (a cab driver in Lisbon) a day before my departure while going to the office, he offered to pick me up at 5 AM the next day for the airport. He was there at 4.45 and at the next arrival point as well, I already had my taxi booked with a special “meet-n-greet” service.
  3. Organise your handbag: Have all the essentials in this one, the tickets and the passport. For me, it usually is the eye mask, socks, earphones, hand cream, hairbrush and my mobile phone. I don’t carry makeup, I never really use it on the flight or at the airport.
  4. Call the hotel to confirm your reservation: In case you’re hopping on to another destination, make sure to call the hotel there 24 hours in advance for confirmation and the check-in time.
  5. Wake up call – Just in case you get warped in the time zone madness, always better to be safe than sorry. However, for me, all early morning journeys call in for no sleep at all.

All images via Sheraton
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