Online Shopping in Switzerland | An Expat guide

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Let’s be honest…once you start shopping online, there is no going back! Of course, I do enjoy my trips to the stores and strolling around in the streets to shop, but the comfort of online shopping and retail therapy is truly unmatched! 😉 When I first moved to Switzerland, I wasn’t quite sure where to shop online. As an expat, if you’re looking to shop online, the first thing that pops up in your head is – “Can I trust this app/website?”

Back in India, we had our trusted few ones which we could always rely on – Myntra, Amazon, Big Basket, Flipkart and more. So, I got on a mission to find out my own go-to apps and websites here in Switzerland. After multiple trials, errors, calls to various customer services 🙁 and more struggles…I curated a list of the ones I can count on. So, if you’re new to Switzerland, read on as I list down my picks for online shopping in Switzerland.

1. All things fashion

First things first, let’s get the most sought-after category out of the way! To skip the unnecessary hassle of trying on clothes in the store (especially after COVID) we all are inclined towards online now. But of course, every website or app can’t be trusted when it comes to clothes…that is why we all have a checklist that we ensure when ordering clothes online.

Some of important questions that pop up in ones mind are:

Are the clothes authentic or genuine?
Does the app/ website offer an option for exchange or return? If so, is the process smooth?
What’s the delivery time?
Does it offer free shipping?
Are the payment methods flexible and trust worthy?


Well, after much trial and error, I gave Zalando a shot. To my surprise, it checks off all the boxes. I was impressed by the by interface, variety and delivery. What’s cool is that I can find my trusted brands on the same platform. If you’re new here, just FYI, almost every person in Switzerland knows about Zalando. For my fellow Indians, imagine it to be the Myntra of Switzerland 😉 Apart from clothes, Zalando offers a variety of shoes, bags, accessories and more. They also have a 30-day return if you have any doubts regarding the fit or material, you can send it back for free.

Checkout the website here:

Zalando Lounge:

As an extension of Zalando, we also have Zalando Lounge here in Switzerland. Look at it as an online shopping club which offers you exclusive access to a selection of more than 2,500 brands at affordable prices. They don’t have fixed catalogue or range of products but instead they do member exclusive flash sales every day. From sought-after labels to up-and-coming manufacturers, from well-known international names to premium brands – you’d find everything here. The membership is  quick, nonbinding and free.

Checkout the website here:

Online Shopping in Switzerland | An Expat guide | My Swiss Story
Online Shopping in Switzerland | An Expat guide | My Swiss Story

The above two are my absolute favorites, but I must mention some other tried and tested options that you can find –

  • – worth a look!
  • LaRedoute – has a mix of a ton of things, is not just clothes also carries some great furniture pieces
  • Jelmoli, Manor, H&M, Zara, Espirit and C&A – but to be honest, I rather visit their stores.
  • Decathlon – for all things sport! Super reasonable as well….
  • Marks and Spencer – No physical shops in Switzerland, but we do have online deliveries. And I am a big fan of the M&S basics.
  • Best Secret – You need an invite to browse, but carries deals on hi-street and luxury brands.
  • About you – The inspiration section is worth looking at….they also have a ton of ads/offers on facebook ads.
  • Next – The UK store delivers to India and is a great option for kids!
  • Far fetch – For the designer stuff, I have not tried this one yet, but has quite a few great reviews!

2. Groceries

If you all follow me on insta, you guys know I order groceries online quite often. While it is a known fact that you get good deals when you go directly to grocery stores, but ordering online can be a savior at times. Here are my go-to apps and websites to shop groceries online in Switzerland.

Le Shop, from Migros:

One of the most popular option here in Switzerland is Le Shop, from Migros. Over here, you’d get access to a wide choice of food products. Although here is some delivery fee involved, this is a trusted source for fresh groceries and supplies in case of emergencies. The fee is a minimum of 99 CHF per order…which could be a shocker to some because this ‘minimum’ is more than an average person would spend every week on groceries. The basic delivery fee is 7.90 CHF. but if you shop above 200 CHF, they charge 2.90 CHF as delivery fee. You can choose to have your order delivered during the day, in the evening or on Saturday morning. Please note that our order and delivery times vary depending on the order date, and that delivery time slots may quickly be booked out on peak days.  No deliveries are made on Sundays or official national or cantonal holidays.

Checkout the website here:

Click here for all info related to deliveries and timings.


If you prefer Coop, you can also go for They also have a vast choice of products. However the, delivery will cost 7.90 CHF for a less than 160 CHF purchase and 5.90 CHF starting from 160 CHF. If you order at least 200 CHF, the delivery is free. There is a minimum of 99.90 CHF for each order.

If you’re confused between two, you can factor in the delivery fee. Coop Delivery is slightly cheaper than Migros. Now, one of the major issues with both of these options is that the convenience has a considerable price. So, I use them only in case of emergencies or when I’m sick or too tired to go out for a grocery run.


One of the hidden gems that I’ve recently discovered is Avecnow. They recently reached out to me for a collaboration and I had to try it first-hand before recommending it to you guys. They deliver your order in 15 mins. Yes, you read that right! What’s even better is that the delivery fee in Basel is only CHF 2.90. There are no minimum order quantities or delivery windows. 

Check out their website here:

3. Electronics


When it comes to shopping online for electronics, the go-to choice for most people here in Switzerland is Digitec. They house a vast variety of laptops, phones, computers and every electronic you would ever need. They usually offer really good discounts and the excellent customer service is a bonus.

4. For anything and everything

Well, let’s be honest, we all need an Amazon in our lives. By this I mean, a one stop tested destination to grab anything and everything. Although Amazon is not present in Switzerland, it still remains one of the top 3 swiss online shopping websites. Swiss people usually buy directly from Amazon Germany, which offers millions of products with shipping to Switzerland. It’s possible to choose Swiss delivery if an address inside Switzerland is provided while checking out on Amazon, and in that case the VAT is displayed inclusive of German VAT and will be adjusted to the Swiss VAT rate.

Apart from that, here are a few other options you can explore.


Galaxus is the largest Swiss online shop with a steadily growing range of products for almost all daily needs, offering consistently low prices as well as fast, reliable and free delivery.


This is another one-stop website that offers a lot of variety across all categories. Apart from over 200,000 products ranging across different segments, they also provide fee shipping and super fast delivery. is mostly known for electronic items but you’d find a variety of things here as well. They also offer same day delivery in these areas.

5. Furniture


When we say furniture, the first thing that comes into your mind HAS TO BE Ikea, agreed? For me, Ikea always strikes the balance between reasonable prices and decent quality. While they do have physical shops available, you can also pick up things online, however, they generally do not offer delivery for free.

The other websites that I’ve bought stuff from – Beliani (half of our house was furnished through them, we bought everything online), apart from this you have Micasa and Home 24 which are sometimes quite good. We are in the process of buying a new bed and are considering the following stores, which are on the expensive side, but hey – you spend 1/8th of your life sleeping – Milola and Swiss Sense.

You can also explore sites like Lipo and Conforama. The furniture here is often cheaper than Ikea, and most of their stuff is quite sturdy in terms of the price.

Online Shopping in Switzerland | An Expat guide | My Swiss Story
Online Shopping in Switzerland | An Expat guide | My Swiss Story

Personally, I would recommend that you visit the store to finalize your furniture so that you can bank on the quality and built. When you buy furniture in person, you can also get an idea about the exact shades and colors – which in the case of online buying, might be altered.

I hope this article helped you out with the online shopping world in Switzerland and gave you an overview of the top trusted players in the online shopping world. An as expat, I believe trial and error is one way in which you can find some really nice hidden gems and I always try my best to share mine with you all. Do checkout some of my recommendations in this article as well. Click here.

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