Here’s what went down at the “Daring To Feel” Networking Event in Basel

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In today’s fast-paced and often disconnected world, the value of vulnerability and emotional authenticity cannot be overstated. However, vulnerability can be perceived as weakness, and many individuals feel pressured to hide their emotions or put on a brave face in order to fit in or conform to societal expectations.

But what if vulnerability was actually a strength? What if embracing and expressing our authentic emotions could lead to personal growth, deeper connections with others, and increased emotional well-being?

These are the exact thoughts that led me to host an in-person networking event in collaboration with Anisa Ab from Tree of Life.
Special thanks to Zaffiro Agency for capturing the event so beautifully!

"Daring To Feel" Networking Event in Basel

All you need to know about the “Daring To Feel” Networking Event in Basel

Sometimes, we all long to be a part of a strong and loving community in our own city, don’t we? Well, the idea of this event was to build a magical community of women who strengthen, enrich and support each other with an open heart and mind. ❤
An in-person event is a great wat to cultivate a series of engaging and interactive conversations, so that everyone who attends, has the opportunity to dive into the complex world of emotions and vulnerability – all while networking with like minded women.

…and that’s exactly what happened at the “Daring To Feel” Networking Event in Basel, that was held last Friday in YogaBloom. Some wonderful and inspiring women joined us for an evening filled with inspiration, reflection, and forming meaningful connections as we delved into the power of vulnerability and the importance of embracing authentic emotions.

If you missed it, here’s a quick round-up for you:

  • In this event, we had different rounds of facilitated networking which allowed like-minded women to form deeper connections.
  • The Yoga studio was a safe space buzzing with group conversations which provided a time for vulnerability.
  • Finally, we finished our event with a short grounding self-compassion meditation.

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