Expat Stories: Meet the founder of SuissePic

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For the last 2 weeks, especially on my gram (and also here), I have tried to provide COVID resources so that we can all keep our sanity intact as well as focus more on the positives. Being quarantined is not essentially the best situation for any of us, but the bigger picture is much more important at the moment. For all of us who are home, count your blessings – there are people who love you, you have your family by your side and you are giving priority to the most important aspect of your being – health.

Please continue to do what you are doing, and I am certain that we will wake up with lesser uncertainties as time passes by.

Moving on, today, I introduce you to a lovely and kind woman, Maria Talanova who is the founder of SuissePic which is much more than a blog. It’s my pleasure to interview fellow content creators and hustlers, their journeys always resonate.

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Expat Stories: Meet the founder of Suissepic

Please tell our readers a little bit about yourself

M: My name is Maria and I came from Russia to Geneva to study. First time I came to Switzerland 3 years ago, I wanted to discover the beauty of the Alps and to see Mont-Blanc. Apparently, I met my boyfriend in Geneva and that stimulated me to widen my country’s knowledge: about the Swiss, their culture and business. So, I launched SuissePic on Instagram as a photoblog and later transformed it into a website. As an IT Project Manager, I believed that Suissepic could help others to find the answers to the same questions that I had before.

Tell us a little about SuissePic

M: Today SUISSEPIC unites experts in various fields: entrepreneurs and NGOs, artists, musicians, sportsmen. We mostly focus on creative women who are willing to express themselves and offer their services and products to the market. Since I have over 10 years of experience in Digital Marketing, we offer Web-development and SEO expertise for those who wish to create a website or develop a social media project. We also collaborate with some companies helping them develop concierge services.

For women entrepreneurs/leaders/content creators, what specific advice would you have? 

M: In a word, self belief, I really believe in:

Moving forward. 
Believing in big goals. 
Staying positive. 
Showing the world with your own example that everything is possible.

Are there specific advantages, disadvantages to being a woman/ex-pat woman business owner?

M: As an ex-pat, you need to focus on the local language first. It helps you discover a lot of cultural differences. As a woman use your soft-skills to motivate your team and colleagues. Respect people and Work hard.
On the whole, I feel these rules are relevant to everybody whether you are a him-preneur or a fempreneur.

Are you a female leader whose story needs to be heard, we’re waiting to hear from you.

Stay tuned for more expat stories, we have a ton lined up!

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