Entrepreneur of the Month – Meet Anne Schneider

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I love how My Swiss Story has become a platform for women entrepreneurs, leaders, and content creators where each month we get to tell you their stories. This is one part of my blogging journey that I so totally love!

Today, I bring to you the story of Anne, who after working for several years in the corporate world decided to switch gears when she moved to Switzerland. Anne is the founder of So Last Seasons, a kids fashion collection from Scandinavia centered around the concept of sustainable clothing and bringing over the best deals to parents for quality clothing. Intrigued? Without further ado, get to know our entrepreneur of the month, Anne Schneider.

Q: Please tell our readers a little bit about yourself

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I’m Anne, a Danish nomad who after 10 years in the Middle East arrived in Basel 3 years ago – with my Swedish husband and two small children – who are now 3 and 5. I have worked in the corporate world, first within HR and last in general management and operations; something I felt confident I would pursue even after moving to Switzerland. However, perspectives change and I now run my own business and – for the most part – love it! 🙂

Q: Tell us about your current business

So Last Seasons was born out of two goals:

  1. Reducing clothing waste and the massive negative impact it has on our environment and;
  2. Making sustainable and durable, high-quality children’s fashion more affordable.

I purchase Scandinavian kids’ fashion from the last season to save it from destruction and sell it to Swiss families at up to 70% off at the right time of year. That way we together reduce current clothing waste and future overproduction while saving a lot of money!

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Entrepreneur of the Month – Meet Anne Schneider

Browse Anne’s latest collection here, and you might find something affordable and eye catchy!

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In case you’re in Basel between the 9th and 21st May, then be sure to check “So Last Seasons” pop up store at Spalenberg 45, Basel.

Q: Tell us your story

I arrived in Switzerland while on maternity leave with my youngest. New country, new baby, new language, new friends, and after maternity leave – a new job!

All these changes gave rise to various emotions however, most importantly I could feel a change inside me. I thought to myself, “Having worked really hard and traveled extensively for someone else; why not do so for myself with a passion project?”. Sometimes all the “newness” in our expat lives gives us an opportunity to walk a new path. And hence, I thought… about a whole new professional path.

And my dream of becoming an entrepreneur and doing my own thing took a very quick turn; the idea of “So Last Seasons” that had been brewing in my head for a while could finally become real. Sustainability and Reducing clothing waste had to be the pillars of my brands, I feel very strongly about the concept.

Being Danish, I have always been in love with the Scandinavian aesthetics and combining this with my passion of sustainable living especially after becoming a mother were the perfect mix and motivation for my business.

The fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world with clothing waste and fast fashion as major problems. I hope to assist parents in making a better choice for the environment and wallet.

Q: What is a day like “in your heels?” or if you wear Flats (like me)

A day in my life is hectic if I were to be completely honest and of course no 2 days are ever the same! I used to wear high heels every day – now it is sneakers to keep up with everything that’s going on 🙂

  • The early mornings are for the kids – and tea. I am way too hyper for coffee!
  • Packing orders (hopefully!) and running to the post office.
  • Running a one-woman show in a new country and language! It has been a steep learning curve with everything from google optimization, accounting, marketing etc! 
  • During my lunch break, I go for a walk with an audio-book – books are another passion of mine.
  • Picking up my children from daycare and going to a park with them.   
  • Cooking, and cuddling. And after bedtime for the kids you will find me on the sofa with either my laptop or a book.

But hey, like I said, no two days are same in the life of a mother 😉

Q: For women entrepreneurs/leaders/content creators, what specific advice would you have?

The biggest joy of being an entrepreneur is the accountability (to your own self, it’s a discipline!) and the passion. I literally love what I do!

The hardest part is the sleepless night of worrying and never being off – with an online business there is no such thing as weekends or vacation. And the fact that it can also be quite lonely at times.

But like I did it myself, bit by bit, one thing at a time and you’ll be there. This is the only way to gradually come out of your “routine” and sometimes even your comfort zone. It is scary, no denying that but it is also a very rewarding experience!

One tip before I sign off – “Don’t be afraid to ask for help – you can’t be good at everything and in my experience, most people will be happy to share their experiences.”

You can connect with Anne through her social media accounts: Facebook | Instagram

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