Coffee with a Purpose

coffee with a purpose
My Swiss Story: Coffee with a Purpose

What is “Coffee with a purpose”?

Coffee with a purpose is a brand new initiative being launched by My Swiss Story™.

The purpose: well, it’s really very simple – “bringing people together”. Let’s be honest, no matter where you live or what your story is – the last two years (can you believe it!!) have not been easy. We’ve all felt low, we’ve all felt lonely and we’ve all missed real connections.

“I know how much I long for that informal coffee or a tea break, I know how far a meaningful conversation can go and I know that we could all use some care for ourselves and also for those around us! And, keeping these thoughts in mind we decided to take matters into our own hands.”

Every month a small group of women will come together over a cup of coffee and practice meaningful networking 😊

Where will “Coffee with a Purpose” take place?

We are working on a calendar that will be published fairly soon on this page, but the idea is to mix it up! Some of our meetups will be physical (predominantly Basel and Zurich and are limited to 7 participants) and some would be virtual (bigger groups). Every meetup will have an agenda and the idea would be to build a strong and supportive community as time passes.

Here are some impressions of our previous meetings:

When is the next meet?

We are on a break during July, keep a tab on us for our next next meet in August! Feel free to register so that we can keep you posted!

Our meetups will either be held in a physical space with all COVID regulations in Basel/Zurich or will happen online over zoom.

Attendance on first cum first serves basis… The good part… You have a chance to attend the next meet-up in case it’s full in a particular month.

What is the agenda?

Hey, I am glad you asked. Every “coffee with a purpose” meeting has a theme and this will be announced at the beginning of every month on My Swiss Story™, and our associated social media channels.

To build a supportive community, we always add women who attended to a private WhatsApp group to go a step further and remain connected, enable fruitful conversations and also to gather feedback.

Who can join?

You can join if you:

  • Are a woman over 25
  • Promise to remain respectful, courteous and open minded
  • Are not trying to sell something or market your business (we have other sections for this purpose on our website)

Why only 7?

Well, 7 represents perfection or completeness and we think it’s the ideal size for a group coffee meet. We want you to get to know everyone at the table!

Is there a cost to attending these coffee meets?

No, your attendance is FREE but registration is mandatory. In case after registering you are unable to make it, we advise you to cancel by informing us at least a week in advance so that we can offer your spot to someone else.

So, how do I register?

Oh, that’s easy peasy, just fill out the simple form below to attend our next meet up:

Would you like to learn more? Do you have any questions?