Offbeat Travel in Switzerland : A Day Trip to Wasserfallen

If there was an idea of the perfect family day trip, then a trip to Wasserfallen is the perfect answer. I live in Basel and getting to Wasserfallen is very convenient. There is always enough and more to do any given the time of the year. Today, I’m going to take you a day-long itinerary for Wasserfallen. This piece was originally published as a chapter in 21 Gems Of Switzerland, our free e-book that offers more information about offbeat travel in Switzerland.

OffBeat Travel In Switzerland: A Day Trip To Wasserfallen
OffBeat Travel In Switzerland: A Day Trip To Wasserfallen
OffBeat Travel In Switzerland: A Day Trip To Wasserfallen
OffBeat Travel In Switzerland: A Day Trip To Wasserfallen

A Day Trip To Wasserfallen

So, the first time I visited Wasserfallen I was expecting waterfalls the moment I reached there – but don’t be disappointed when you find no waterfalls!  What you find is a magnificent view of the mountains and a wealth of flora and fauna coupled with adventure sports which makes the region an ideal family excursion. Between the Basel Area and Solothurn lies the Passwang range of hills and you can reach the Jura heights from the plains in just about 45 minutes making it an ideal spot for a day trip, especially if you’re visiting/staying in Basel or the surrounding region. 

OffBeat Travel In Switzerland: A Day Trip To Wasserfallen

Getting There

Getting to the region is very easy and is covered in the TNW pass up until the Gondola/Cable Car ride you take to reach the mountains. If you’re coming from Basel, then the easiest way is to take the train (S3, IR27, IC61) up to Liestal which comes under Basel Land, from Liestal you take the yellow bus (#70) to Reigoldswil Dorfplatz and from there is a small 10-minute hike/walk to the cable car station where you need to buy the tickets to go up to Wasserfallen.

If you’re travelling by car, then you can take up the car till the Reigoldswil cable car station which has enough parking, it takes about 45 minutes from Basel to get here.

OffBeat Travel In Switzerland: A Day Trip To Wasserfallen
Cable Car Ride To Wasserfallen

Things To Do In Wasserfallen

There is enough and more to do over here, but my absolute favourite thing to do here is: take the cable car just 1-way up to the mountain range and capture the stunning views on the way up. On your way down, either hike or take the scooter down the mountains to reach the cable car station. Going down on foot or by the scooter is a fantastic experience! It’s relatively easy to manage the scooter once you do get the hang of it.

OffBeat Travel In Switzerland: A Day Trip To Wasserfallen
Scooter Ride At Wasserfallen

Other things to do while you’re there, there are several hikes that you can plan based on the difficulty level: one example for a medium-level hike is to explore the rolling hills between Wasserfallen and the Passwang region. More details on that here.

Apart from that other attractions include just soaking up in nature, the serenity of the place leaves an impression. In summers, you have the opportunity to use the Forest high wire park, trails as well as sledging and snowshoeing.


There aren’t a ton of restaurants on top of the mountain range, however, the Restaurant Heidi-Stübli is right next to the cable car station and has an inner restaurant area along with a sun terrace. You can even organize a special brunch or swiss fondue meal with reservations in advance. There is always an option to pick up snacks or croissants if you arrive in-between meal hours.

There is also the Hintere Wasserfallen which is a guest house as well, with barbeque and fondue specialities. Warm food is available round the clock and there are possibilities to stay overnight. A lot of people eat/stay in Liestal which has many more options, I highly recommend the patisserie called “Finkbeiner Bäckerei Konditorei” located close to the station. The coffee and dessert over here are to die for.

Things To Do In Wasserfallen
Tiramisu at Finkbeiner Bäckerei Konditorei


Personally, this region is perfect for a day trip but if you plan to stay then there are options like Hintere Wasserfallen, Obere Wechten mountain guesthouse or other options that you could find right here.


The train tickets from Basel SBB to Liestal is round about 7 CHF one way (children below 6 go free), the TNW day pass is the most practical option when planning this trip. The ride on the gondola is not included in the TNW pass or the half fare card, expect to spend 17 CHF for adults and 10.20 CHF for children between 6 and 16 years. 

The scooter rent one way is 12 CHF for adults and 7.20 CHF for children. A usual meal in Switzerland is around 40 CHF per person and your stay will depend upon the type of hotel you choose.

Lastly, this is a trip worth doing – it is never too crowded, and it is perfect to experience the beauty and essence of Switzerland in a very short time! I wish you an exciting scooter ride down the hill!

OffBeat Travel In Switzerland: A Day Trip To Wasserfallen

OffBeat Travel In Switzerland: A Day Trip To Wasserfallen


Our team recently put together a travel ebook called “21 Hidden Gems of Switzerland”. It was a collaborative travel project led by Pragati Siddhanti where 21 locals came together and shared their travel secrets. You can download it here.

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Things to do in and around Basel Frankly, I have been dying to a guide on the above since the time I started my blogging journey in Basel. TBH I was going to make a small travel guide, which was either going to be an ebook or an actual book, but the idea never took off – I had a masters degree to wrap up and later on a hectic life to deal with. But if any of you reading this is interested to collaborate, send me a DM – this is a project I would love to do and if this is a collective effort, it’s going to shine. Moving on, whenever as a family we have nothing to do, we just travel to Liestal by the train and go up wasserfallen. In summers, it is great for a hike, a coffee and the scooter down the hill. In winters, it is great for the snow, the coffee and sledging. It is a pearl, it has breath taking views and is never too crowded, this is why it is one of my #goto places near Basel. It’s easy to get there, the train from SBB takes around 15 minutes to Liestal, then a 30 minute bus #71 and then the cable car which takes you up. Check google maps – it’s going to be easy. Trust me, the journey is almost as beautiful as it is to get to the top! So about today, since, we went during a transition week – we were in between seasons so most of the activities were closed. The lunch was lousy and the area was half snow and half dry. TBH, it was probably the worst it has looked ever. If this is bad, then you’re probably in Switzerland. Hehe! 🙈😆 Another thing that I understood is if you want to eat a lavish brunch or the fondue during winters – then make reservations. It is only done through reservations in this beautiful chalet located next to cable car station. One of the places that I really want to talk about it is the coffee/dessert place we went to after we came back down to Liestal, that’s the picture you see and the place is called “Italienisches Café Angolo Dolce” – I died after having their desserts and coffee. This was highlight of my day (am going to die a very fat woman, I know – judge all you want), but am definitely going back. Switzerland is beautiful, all these small towns and villages are each prettier than the other. phew!

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