Top 10 Swiss Souvenirs for Gifting

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As expats, nothing brings us more joy than returning home with bags full of gifts, isn’t it? The wide smiles, glittery eyes, the excitement while unboxing – well THAT’S the joy of gifting! Switzerland is one of the world’s dreamiest destinations…and…there is no doubt about that. But apart from breath-taking scenery and mesmerizing cities, there are also plenty of wonderful souvenirs in Switzerland to bring home! If you’re a new expat in Switzerland or a tourist, use this article as a guide to ace your Swiss gifting game. 

1. Swiss Chocolates, I mean…duh?

Let’s get the most special one out of the way first! We all know that the Swiss are crazy about their chocolates. So much so that Switzerland holds the  world record for the highest per-capita chocolate consumption – bizarre isn’t it?

Where to buy?

~Läderach, Available in every city

It’s my favorite place to buy chocolate, not just for myself but also for my loved ones. The chocolates are made from the finest quality of cocoa and are always fresh! They are handmade, exclusively produced in Switzerland and one can buy their pre-made packs or even by the weight. It’s always an experience in the store, if you’re quite impressed I can even recommend visiting the House of Läderach and make your own.

For more info, visit their website.

~ Sprungli, Zurich

Zurich is a home to a variety of chocolatiers which produce scrumptious and fresh treats on a weekly basis. If you’re looking to bring home a box of the “world’s freshest truffles” you gotta drop by Sprungli. It is one of Zurich’s very first chocolate companies and is spread across three different locations. Each Sprungli location has different open hours, some opening as early as 6:45 am and the train station locations staying open as late as 9 pm.

For more info, online shopping details, locations and timings, check out their website

~ Merkur confectionery

This one is known for its highly-sought after handmade Laderach chocolates. You can also grab a box of locally-made pralines, featuring a painting of Lake Zurich on the front – which would be the perfect souvenir. 

Address: Bahnhoffstrasse 106, Zurich
Working Hours: Monday to Friday from 9 am to 8 pm, Saturdays until 6 pm.

~ Streets of Bahnhofstrasse
If you feel like wandering on the beautiful streets and exploring around, checkout the confectioneries and bakeries, selling a wide variety of hand-painted pralines, magical macaroons, and amazing marzipans. Bahnhofstrasse or any of its side streets, such as Rennwegg or Schlüsselgasse are goldmines for desserts and chocolates. 

2. Cheese fondue and fondue sets

I’m sure we all love a good cheese fondue- a traditional dish in Switzerland that originated in the Alps region. Pick up some Gruyère – a popular choice to make fondue, if it’s feasible for you to bring it home in good condition. You can also consider a cheese factory tour. They are fascinating and you will learn all about how that cheese which Swiss love so much, ends up on the store shelves!

Apart from this, you can also pick up fondue sets. Opt for a hand-painted fondue pot, or an entire fondue set. With cute features of adorable hand-painted cows, St. Bernard dogs, or Swiss crosses, they’re perfect for gifting and look super pretty on the shelves.

Where to buy?

  • Checkout Schweizer Heimatwerk located at Uraniastrasse 1. (Monday to Friday from 9 am to 8 pm, Saturday from 9 am to 6 pm.)
  • As a less pricey option, basic sets can be purchased from the Manor department store at Bahnhoffstrasse 75, for as little as 40 francs for a single serving size.

3. Swiss Watches

Swiss watches are renowned all over the world and are irresistible as gifts. You can find the best watches here with a vast variety of designs topped with cutting-edge technology. I mean, there’s a reason why Swiss watches are considered the benchmark and measure of quality in watchmaking. 😉

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Top 10 Swiss Souvenirs for Gifting  | My Swiss Story

Where to buy? 

Maurice de Mauriac Zurich Watches
(Address: Tödistrasse 48, 8002 Zürich, Switzerland/Hours: 9AM–6PM; Saturday: 11AM–2PM; Sunday: Closed).

Manor: Address: Bahnhofstrassee 75. Working Hours: Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 8 pm.

You can also check out Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich or Freistrasse in Basel, both the streets are renowned for shopping. Bahnhofstrasse has everything from top designer boutiques to touristy shops and diverse department stores, the street offers many options for those wishing to purchase a Swiss-made timepiece.

Tip – If you’re looking for a budget watch, then a SWATCH is always the safest bet.

4. Anything “HEIDI”

Did you know that the story of Heidi is set around the Swiss alps? This one is so popular that over 20 films have been made based on the book.

So it makes perfect sense to look for Heidi souvenirs, or pick up the book before you visit!

Where to buy?

Checkout Orell Fussli in Bahnhoffstrasse. It is the largest English-language bookstore in all of Europe. It holds over 40,000 books in English, and has a warm and welcoming vibe which lets you browse for your perfect version of the Heidi series. These books will barely cost you between 8.90 and 30 francs. You can also pick up some Heidi merch and figurines here. 

5. Swiss cuckoo clocks

One of the most popular Swiss souvenirs is a Swiss cuckoo clock. Swiss cuckoo clocks have their own unique charms not found anywhere else. To set them apart, they come in the shape of Swiss chalets and feature depictions of Swiss life. They’re a perfect combination of expert craftsmanship, delightful music and the ever-iconic, hourly singing of the cuckoo bird! 😉

Where to buy?

To get yours, look no further than the famous Teddy’s Souvenir Shop in Zurich! 

6. Kambly Biscuits

Kambly biscuits are made in Switzerland and are devoured as traditional Swiss cookies in every home. If you’re on a budget or you’ve a bunch of foodies at home, it’s the perfect gift.

Where to buy?

You can grab them at any grocery store or you can also visit the factory in Emmental where you can try them and choose your favorites to take home!

7. Something to take away from your pooches back home – Appenzeller Dog Collars

Named after the beautiful Appenzeller Sennenhund dogs in Appenzell, these are the perfect takeaways for your pups! You can either opt for a traditional design with  smooth leather and gold metal cutouts in the shapes of herders, dogs, and cows or, opt for modern versions with faux alligator print and shiny white Swiss crosses.

Where to buy?

The House of Dog | Sternenstrasse 74. Working Hours: Monday to Friday from 10 am to 6:30 pm, Saturdays until 6 pm.

8. Alta Terra Alpine Herb Food Products

In the canton of Bern, you will find a family-based business called Alta Terra which produces and sells flavored oils, honeys, and other food products infused with alpine herbs and spices. What makes them unique is that every ingredient that is used is 100% organic! 

While Alta Terra food products are one of those Swiss souvenirs that are harder to come by, they are certainly worth picking up if you’re ever in the area. After all, these are gifts from Switzerland that will truly impress guests at your next dinner party!

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Source: Alta Terra Facebook page | Top 10 Swiss Souvenirs for Gifting  | My Swiss Story

Where to buy?

Click here to shop/for more details:

9. Music Boxes

Super pretty, elegant and classy, traditional Swiss music boxes were a rage back in the time. These are carved out of the finest wood and often feature hand-painted scenes of life in the Swiss Alps. The most common music boxes play classics like “Edelweiss” and the “Happy Wanderer”. However, more high-end music boxes can also be modified to play a great variety of tunes. These look adorable on themselves and act as musical decors. 😉

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Image source:

Where to buy?

Schweizer Heimatwerk has the best selection of wooden handmade music boxes, priced from 100 francs to the 10,000-franc art piece.

10. Zurich postcards

Well, wait up. We know, we know…postcards and fridge magnets are cliché. But, this doesn’t count for Zurich post cards! Featuring stunning photos of iconic landmarks and vistas from the city, Zurich postcards are actually quite famous and incredibly beautiful. So, if you ever find yourself pressed for time and can’t figure out which Swiss souvenir to buy, just pop into one of the souvenir shops in Zurich and pick out the best looking postcard!

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Where to buy?

Any souvenir shop on the streets of Zurich.

Hope this list encapsulates everything you need for your loved ones, based on their preferences. If you’re on a budget – we’d suggest sticking to confectioneries like chocolates and biscuits. You can also explore different street markets of Zurich, Bern, Basel or Geneva. If budget isn’t an issue, then there’s a lot of superb quality items to explore – you can trust the Swiss for the quality! 

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