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Hi there! You’ve stumbled upon our small slice off the internet. My name is Pragati, an Indian Expat based in Switzerland and the founder of this website. My Swiss Story is a digital magazine which talks about expat living, women empowerment, travel, parenting, careers, mental health, home, nutrition & more.

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Would you like to be a part of a supportive community and build meaningful connections with like-minded women? Then, you’re at the right place, register for our next coffee meet for FREE.

We have coffee meets across the year, register below and we will keep you informed about them! Looking forward to seeing you on the next one!

21 Hidden Gems of Switzerland is BACK!

21 Hidden Gems of Switzerland is an eBook which is a collaborative attempt to unravel Switzerland’s best kept travel secrets. Reading this book will not only help add a new destination to your bucket list but also help you plan your trip right down to the details.

What is “My Swiss Story”?

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I moved to the beautiful city of Basel in 2016 and fell in love almost instantly. This move broadened my perspective and I decided to document my “new swiss life” in the form of words and pictures on a regular basis. On this blog, I share with you the life of an expat – the moving, the settling, and the being.

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7 reasons why corsica

If you follow me on IG (I really think you should) then you probably know that we spent a week in Corso during the autumn break, a word to describe our experience – AMAZING! You know the trip has gone pretty well when…

Click here to read my full article where I share with you my favorite places, hotels and experiences. […]


My experience with the specially designed travel package for CLOY fans which takes you through the Crash Landing on You filming locations in Switzerland. I was absolutely thrilled to discover the beauty of Switzerland the “CLOY way” by following the footsteps of the two main characters with Magic Switzerland. So without further ado – I spill all the deets of my power packed weekend getaway in this article. […]

andrew bodra

London remains to be my favorite holiday destination; having said that, the city does get overwhelming for travelers especially if the trip hasn’t been planned well. My husband visits London for work all the time (read every other week), this was my 2nd time there, despite some familiarity, we made some solid mistakes. My post here is an ode to you not making these! Therefore, without further ado, here we go. Brace yourselves. […]

Yellow And Gray Modern Fashion Blog Banner

In this article I give you 8 (+1) solid reasons to visit Portugal this year!

I had been to Lisbon in 2015 on a work trip and had loved the experience, I was quite keen to revisit and this time with my family. Hence, during the winter break this year we decided to visit the beautiful cities of Lisbon and Porto.

Click here to read my full article where I share with you my favorite places, hotels and experiences.[…]

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