Sundays in Basel: Things to Do

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Let’s just admit it, if you’re moving to CH from a country outside of the EU you’re in for some sharp surprises. One of them being: On Sunday the city goes dead, or does it?

Well, Sundays are usually a day to unwind, people don’t meet unless you are immediate family, and it is more of a cultural thing to stay indoors. However, as a person, I do like to step out on a Sunday, and here are some of the things that one can do:

Visit a Museum

The first Sunday of every month allows FREE entry to the museums in Basel. 🏫 We usually visit the Natural history museum and it’s usually packed with families.

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Coffee Shops

To be honest, not many coffee places are open, however, it’s always a good idea to have coffee and a dessert at Huguenin which is open for the entire day.

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Lunch is not a thing on Sundays, all restaurants remain closed however a Brunch is a welcome idea at places such as La Manufacture, Tibits, and even Desperados. There are obviously enough and many choices when it comes to Brunch, these are the ones that I have tried and liked! And if you step out for dinner, all your regular restaurants become operational post 5 pm on a Sunday! 🍛🍝🍱👨‍🍳👩‍🍳

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The Basel Zoo is quite interesting for families and remains open on Sundays. A lot of families with younger kids have a zoo card which makes the option of going to the zoo more economical.

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Messe Platz, the exhibition halls

There is almost always an exhibit or an event going on at Messe Platz from Comicon to Art Basel to Basel World to Science and Art fairs – there’s always some action at this stop!


For picnics, of course, it’s the season that matters. But in summers you will often find the locals with their picnic baskets, their swimsuits, hats, and sunscreen! St Johan’s park, Kannenfeld park, just by the Rhine or even Bachraben are some of the places I love!


Once the weather starts turning cold, the fairs in Basel begin. The Herbstmesse or the Autumn fair is extremely popular, is all over the city and is open on Sundays! The same goes for Christmas markets with a beautiful setting, great food, and gluhwein and finally for Fasnacht where everyone is bidding bye to winters during a 3-day party!


And if you really need to buy groceries – head to SBB (@migros and are open) or to Barfusserplatz where pronto is open. All the Indian grocery shops are also open on Sunday. If you really do wanna shop on a Sunday – download the @zalando app on your phone or head to @galaxus (the Amazon equivalent) in Switzerland. The service is pretty amazing! 🛍️🛒

All in all, it isn’t that bad! Even with lousy weather, it isn’t! #lovebasel

What’s your city like on a Sunday? What are your favorite things to do on a Sunday? Tell me in the comments section, I am listening.

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