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Hey Guys!

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Has your New Year’s diet already gone out the window? Do you want to try something new this year to make lasting change to your health and happiness.


I know Manavi and I talk a lot about beauty, fashion and lifestyle. While we believe in all things beautiful, we also know that beauty on the outside is usually a function of health and happiness. A healthy body and a happy being – is all that really matters.

I am not PERFECT, but I am a FIGHTER!

In our quest to make sure our readers don’t lose track of the #1 resolutions that we all make at the beginning of any new year, we tied up with Caitlin Ball who is a health coach based in Switzerland.

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Feel Great. Look Great. Eat Real Food First. – Create a naturally healthy life without rules & restrictions.

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The Real Food First Program:

28 Days of real food meals, a private and supportive online community, and a healthy habit challenge to help you create a naturally healthy life without rules & restrictions.

What the program includes:

  • 4 weeks of real food meal plans, meal prep guide, + shopping lists
  • 30+ delicious, seasonal recipes that are naturally gluten and dairy free
  • All ingredients found in Swiss grocery stores, and most regular grocery stores worldwide
  • Only 3 hours of cooking per week
  • Healthy habits challenge to create lasting change

As a bonus to our readers, I provide with two recipes from Caitlin’s kitchen which is how most of recipes are in the Real Food First Program.

And one more: CHOCOLATE PB OVERNIGHT OATS – 1 serving

And if that’s not enough, why not try the FREE 5-day breakfast challenge? It can’t get better than this.

Click on the image to take the FREE breakfast challenge.

Being healthy and fit isn’t a fad or a trend, it’s a way of life. I started on my journey, what are you waiting for?

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