What to Wear on Summer Vacations: My Outfit Diares in Dubrovnik, Croatia

summer vacation outfit ideas

For all you guys who have been following us on Instagram, know that I spent the last 4 days in a beautiful city of Croatia – Dubrovnik. It was a long awaited summer holiday, that we booked right after we came back from Bali and it was nothing short of a dream.

Short vacations can be overwhelming especially when it comes to planning, hence in our next travel post, we break it down for you – the number of days, itinerary, costs, food and your packing list. We also talk about Croatia, now known for its picturesque locations featured in HBO’s Game of Thrones.

Yes, they were real, they were amazing and I can’t believe I was in King’s Landing for 4 days.

In this post, we talk about ideas on what to wear during a summer holiday along with glimpses of what I wore. As usual, my focus remains on styling and accessorising your looks around comfort.

The very famous “Airport Look”

This has now become a thing. Let me tell you, normal people (the ones who travel by Economy) do not look fresh when they step down an aircraft (the ones who do are called celebrities). We took an early morning flight, were sleep-deprived and tired, this was the best I could do.

whatsapp image 2017 07 18 at 13.47.40

What I Wore:

A greyish black tee from H&M basic, jeans from Mango, sneakers from a local Swiss brand, jacket from Charles Vogele and accessories from Michael Kors and Polaroid. I tied my hair into a ponytail during the flight and opened my hair after. The outfit was comfortable for the flight but not so much for the very hot Dubrovnik.

Lesson # 1 – Carry lightweight dresses

whatsapp image 2017 07 18 at 13.35.40 4whatsapp image 2017 07 18 at 13.35.40 3Light weight dresses are space savers and give the perfect look for summer outfits. Choosing darker colours with lighter patterns helps add character and hide any obvious flaws.

What I Wore

A one piece short dress from H&M that I picked up during the summer sale. This one served as a perfect summer outfit and was easy on the beach as well.

Lesson # 2 Go back to the basics

whatsapp image 2017 07 18 at 13.35.40whatsapp image 2017 07 18 at 13.35.40 2whatsapp image 2017 07 18 at 13.35.40 1By now, you must have figured that I have a wardrobe with 50 shades of BLUE. Blue, black and grey are undoubtedly my favourite colours. A denim skirt or shorts along with sleeveless tops/tees is frankly my most staple summer outfit. And the best part is you can never make a mistake when wearing these essentials and be out the door, exploring the city!

What I Wore

The elephant knotted t-shirt is from Orsay, my skirt is from Marks and Spencer, shoes from Dosen bach (click link to buy), denim shorts are from Bossini and the sleeveless top is from H&M.

Lesson # 3 Wear a trend you love.

whatsapp image 2017 07 18 at 13.29.50 3

whatsapp image 2017 07 18 at 13.29.51

whatsapp image 2017 07 18 at 13.29.50 1

whatsapp image 2017 07 18 at 13.29.50 2Polka dots are not for everyone, but I love them. I love how there’s something vintage about polka dots and when combined with a new silhouette, they look fabulous!

What I Wore

Dress from H&M, comfy shoes that I wasn’t sure will match, and my neck piece is from a small store in Spain.

Delicate gold accessories look great on flowy short dresses with deeper neck lines.

Lesson # 4 – Beach days

On our last day, I was nervous – nervous about sun burns. Our whole day was spent on a speed boat enjoying the views of the Adriatic. We stopped at three wonderful sandy beaches and played in the water for the most part of the day.

Essentials – bathing suit, a slip on a dress, a sarong or a wrap, a sun hat, sun glasses and sun screen. With my peculiar allergies, I cannot apply sun screen hence only lighter fabrics can protect me.

whatsapp image 2017 07 20 at 22.20.10

What I Wore

A beach hat from DM, pinstriped knee length dress from h&m and minimal accessories.

While I was dressed appropriately, I couldn’t escape the sun cuz I ended up going for a swim in the cold Adriatic water and came back with some sun burns. (Anti allergens and aloe vera gel to the rescue)

A few tips on packing for your next vacation:
  1. Do not overpack or carry excessive clothes and accessories, for instance, a single pair of denim shorts can be paired with multiple tops and tees.
  2. Do not forget your sun protectionsarongs, beach hats, shades, 50+ SPF sun screens (small bottles).
  3. Do not forget your beach wear and accessoriesall the above with your bathing suit, long beach towels, slippers and small umbrellas.
  4. Carry minimal makeup (as the sun/water doesn’t allow much to stay on), rather carry your day/night creams, fresheners, wet wipes, aloe vera gel, tissues and shampoo!
  5. Do not forget to pack a medicines kit with all the essentials along with an ice pack for the “just in case” situations.

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Coming up: A breakdown of our 4 day trip in Dubrovnik!

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