The Expat Woman Entrepreneur: Meet Danna Levy Hoffmann

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I love how My Swiss Story has become a platform for women entrepreneurs, leaders, and content creators where they tell you their stories. This is one part of my journey as a blogger/digital influencer that I so totally love!

Today, I bring to you the story of Danna, who is a certified health coach, and a passionate public speaker. My most favorite part of this interview comes right at the end, where she does not sugar coat her advice for fellow business owners and swears by positivity, consistency, and following your heart. I have always done that myself, and profitable or not – it has brought me a lot of joy! Without further ado, get to know our entrepreneur of the month, Danna Levy Hoffmann.

Please tell our readers a little bit about yourself

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D: Hi, I’m Danna Levy Hoffmann! I’m a certified health coach, specializing in gut health, a passionate public speaker, mother of two amazing little dudes, and a wife of one incredible man.

I’m originally from Israel, and grew up both there and in the US (Boston). Switzerland has been my home since 2005. I love making people smile.

Tell us about your current business

My company is called Organilicious. I work with clients who typically struggle with low energy, low motivation to cook healthier despite knowing the basics, struggling from brain fog, skin issues, and often wishing to lose weight as well. Together, either in a group program – the 30-Day Urban Cleanse or working one-on-one on my Gold Program, we focus on upgrading our food to nutritious and energizing food, gain more knowledge about how your body “ticks” and what it needs VS what sucks out all the energy out of us, look into how to lower stress levels, gain better quality sleep, and enjoy our diet to the fullest.


I’m very focused on helping my clients be their own detectives for what works for them! “your body is your science” is a sentence they all hear a lot, and when placing their health over their weight or beauty, they manage to achieve so much more.

Tell us your story

I’ve started a few businesses in my lifetime, some lasted a short while, others only had a logo and rough ideas and died down. The one business which actually led me to do what I do today was Miso Cute Cooking. The concept was a healthy kid’s cooking class, for kids and their parents. The kids (ages 1 and up) got to enjoy making a mess and experimenting in the kitchen, while the parents got heaps of tips and ideas on how to “healthify” their meals, cut down on time in the kitchen, and learn some nifty tricks.

Shortly after offering Miso Cute classes, parents approached me asking to come to their homes, and teach them more. The business that started with a strong focus on kids, changed to adults who are aware of changes that need to be made and needed someone to hold their hand and guide them. I quickly took action and made sure to certify as a health coach, and for the first time in my life, I was actually good at school 🙂 My schooling only reinforced what I already knew, and I passionately continued my certification to specialize in gut health.

What’s a day like in your life

My day starts at around 5:30/6:00am, waking up and getting my boys ready for school. I never thought I’d say that but I actually really enjoy waking up early and starting the day bright and early. I always drink 500ml of water as soon as I wake up. Later on, after sending off the kids, I start working with my clients on Zoom and Whatsapp, while sipping on decaf coffee with cashew milk. I work from home to be available when my boys come home for lunch and provide them with a nutritious and delicious meal. Soon after lunch, I go back to work, which sometimes goes on until 8pm. 

For women entrepreneurs/leaders/content creators, what specific advice would you have

Running a business in Switzerland had its ups and downs, as any other business does. Entrepreneurs know this way too well, one minute is incredible, the next minute is confusing, and the one after that is terrible. A lot of people give up at the terrible, but the beauty of running a business (and life in general), is that when you’re down, things can only get better 🙂 Pushing through and following your heart is what keeps the business alive. Haters will come and go, some would try to sabotage your business, you’ll lose friends, and also gain friends.

Staying on course and not letting anything bring you down is the secret

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