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Hey Guys!

I am doing a 5 part series about me and MY SWISS LIFE. The 5 part series will cover how I am doing – all about my adventures, my life here in Basel, motherhood, blogger life, health and fitness and home decor. While it’s a series about life in general, it will cover a lot of tips and tricks for moving to Basel, Switzerland, expat moves, my observations  along with things that work and others that just don’t.

Four months of Swiss life

It’s been a little over 3 months since we moved to Switzerland.  The settling in phase would go on for at least a year – when there are 4 seasons there are all the more reasons. The initial period is usually the toughest and the most exciting. I was fortunate that the move occurred during the summers but I detest winters. Well that’s a story for another day.



Blogger Life v2.0

I think, Manavi and I have had various stints at blogging, if you come to think of it we have been doing it for years. Of course no one would have thought of it as a career back in 2000. Today it’s a whole new exciting phase and I am most definitely loving it.

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While Pammi aunty from Rajouri Garden would still ask us a question like…

“Aur bete kya karrte ho?”  (So, what do you do?)

“Aunty ji am a blogger.”

Pammi would give an expression of utter disgust and say, “Bete mazzak na karo… kaam kya karte ho!?” (Don’t joke, what is it that you really do?)

And then… my mom who might have a Pammi friend will try and explain it to her. At the end of the conversation, Pammi would say that it’s time Manavi gets married and I plan a second child.

I know that the Pammi example was irrelevant – but I have some sort of creative freedom in my introduction post. So there are these great blogs like Ridiculous Writing and All About we where we wrote, without having a single care in the world. 

Wait for it

Of course it’s going to be Legendary! (Barney reference for the uninitiated)

For those of you who really clicked on those links, now that was pretty unconditional love or hate. Either ways, rather mean.

What to Expect: Blogger Lifev 2.0

Ok so part 1 is going to be around Blogger Life v2.0. It will cover things around how international blogger life is, the struggles and the wins and of course some tips and tricks around the blogging business.

Stay tuned to our special, My Swiss Life
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