Must Try: 8 Tested Beauty Fixes That Show Results in 10 Days

8 tested beauty fixes that show results in 10 days pin

Hey guys!

Today I’m going to talk about very easy, very quick tips/products that have helped me follow a nightly ritual. All these products/tips/fixes have been religiously applied and used, for about 10 days, and a show a noticeable difference.

Are you ready? Great!

Happy Feet
Problem: Dry Feet
Even between pedicures, my feet get really dry and most creams don’t help. So before going to bed, I’ve  been massaging my feet for about 2 minutes with Vaseline Petroleum Jelly and then covering them up with socks. If the weather permits, you can also try warm olive oil.


Get Petal Soft Lips
Problem: Discoloured and dry lips

Use a baby toothbrush (clean one) with a touch of powdered sugar and use it as a granular scrub on your lips. Make sure you use the brush very gently and not harm your lips. Do this for about a minute and you’ll see the dead skin cells giving way to new skin, and your pout getting pinker. Now put on your favourite lip balm: I alternate between these two products Nivea Caramel Cream  or pure almond oil.  This helps seal the moisture.


Wake up to Prettier Skin
Problem: Stress and hydration
Day creams are usually less sticky so I have started using a serum or a night cream. Use a night cream like Za True White Night Cream and massage it for about 40 seconds. Use the tips of your fingers to massage your skin thoroughly.


Say no to dark circles
Problem: Dark circles, puffiness
First up, STOP RUBBING YOUR EYES. The skin under your eyes is a lot thinner, and hence more delicate than your face. Vigorous rubbing can lead to a breakage in your capillaries. If you face a lot of stress and puffiness, use a gentle coffee scrub (brown sugar, coffee and honey) a few times in the week. You can also use a caffeine based roll-on like then try Garnier Eye Roll On. Massage a small amount under eye cream before going to sleep. You can alternatively use almond oil to treat dark circles and fine lines.




Get Softer Hands

Dry, Wrinkled hands: Everything from dishwasher soap, to working on the laptop or, even hand sanitizer has an effect on your hands. Since our hands can really TELL OUR TRUE AGE, I though it’s time to use a hand cream religiously. I am using the hand salve from Burt’s Bees which smells absolutely heavenly. Just like feet, it’s a good idea to cover the hands with gloves – I have to confess, I just can’t sleep with gloves on. But I am pretty sure it would double the overnight effect.


Get Strong, Healthy Hair
Problem: Hairfall
This has been a big problem for me for the past few years. I have terrible hair fall and my lifestyle doesn’t help either. As part of the ritual, apply Amla oil once in 3 days, keep it overnight and wash off in the morning. You could alternate this with mixing equal proportions of warm coconut, olive and almond oil and then keeping it overnight. To protect the pillow, wear a shower cap overnight. You could also try sleeping on a satin pillow as it reduces friction to prevent breakage and frizzy hair.


Sleep Like a Baby
Problem: Irregular Sleep
Sometime back I wasn’t able to get a good night’s sleep, which later turned into insomnia. Don’t compromise on sleep: invest in a lavender pillow mist and an eye mask.


If you have decided to give this a try, let us know which one did it for you.

Get all the products and move them into a pretty bag. I use a red satin bag and I have put it on my night stand.
Everything is just a single bag away!

Stay tuned to our Beauty Special.

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