WOW Museum Zurich – Review and Influencer meet

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Hello July! We have a lot planned this month from our amazing editorial board; summer themes are always exciting. 😊

Today, I am kicking off the month with a new attraction in Zurich. About a Sunday ago, I was invited to attend an “influencer meet” at the WOW museum, Zurich.

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WOW Museum Zurich – Review and Influencer meet

Welcome to the room of illusions

The museum is split up into 3 floors, with rooms full of varied illusions. All I can say is, there is more here than what meets the eye. Be ready for your head to spin and for eyes to twirl!

The WOW museum combines fun with learning and is an ideal spot for families with children or for someone who is camera crazy!

My Experience

On a warm-ish Sunday morning, I headed over to Zurich from Basel – this is when I realized how much I had missed my “coffee-und-staring out of the window” routine. To think, I work in the beautiful city of Zurich seemed like an illusion to start with. 😉

Anyway, the good news is that the museum is very close to the station – not even a 5 min walk, which was great. There were hand sanitizers installed at different sections of the museum; however; I was a little apprehensive throughout the visit since I was in proximity with a lot of lovely ladies and this felt odd to me. The new normal, might not be that new to me anymore.

The influencer meet organized by Julia Peters was wonderful, I got to meet a lot of famous Instagrammers from various parts of Switzerland. The girls were extremely supportive of each other; a common thread between all of us – the love of being clicked. We had an awesome photographer, Pascal, who accompanied us throughout the museum and produced amazing results – in group(s) and as well as some amazing solo(s).

At the end of the museum tour we all had the opportunity to meet the founder, have a drink, and interact with each other. It was a Sunday well spent!

Do’s and Don’ts

  • Do bring a smile, you would want to be snapped in the room of illusions.
  • Do bring your devices to capture memories and to connect to the internet. Your data connections do not work inside the museum, but there is free WiFi.
  • Do wear thin clothing or breathable fabric, or be prepared to sweat (a lot)!
  • Do wear a facemask if you are visiting in a large group; the museum is open during CORONA and allows limited visitors at a time. (Pre-book your tickets)

Final Verdict

Estimate anywhere between 60-90 minutes inside the museum, even if you don’t consider yourself a “museum person”, this is not your typical museum visit – it is an interactive journey to discover more than what meets the eye.

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WOW Museum Zurich – Review and Influencer meet

If you’re staying in Switzerland during the summer, a day trip to Zurich combined with the WOW museum could be a WOW combination.

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