8 Women Entrepreneurs and Celebrating Them Through our Advent Giveaway!

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The story of celebrating women entrepreneurs continued with #MySwissStoryAdventGiveaway and me collaborating with another set of amazing women who offered services from their small businesses as gifts for the advent season. Let me introduce you to some more of them!

1. Meet Ophelie

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Ophelie Cabanero comes from Huningue, France (just next to Basel) and she has been living in Basel for the past 3 years. As an entrepreneur, she helps women go into a deep state of relaxation so they can experience flow, trust and ease in their everyday life. She uses Holistic Health Coaching, Hypnotherapy and Cranio-Sacral Therapy in a 1:1 setting. 

When she is not coaching, she hosts a podcast: Elie’s Coffee Talks which used to be recorded in different cafés of Basel to promote places prior to the pandemic, but now she hosts them on Zoom which also enables her to have a meaningful conversation with amazing humans that include fellow coaches, therapists, creatives and entrepreneurs.

2. Meet Ana

Ana Techie is a textile and mixed media artist whose work includes botanical prints, textile accessories, and decorative items, as well as mixed media collages and hand-embroidered architectural works. As an entrepreneur she is constantly experimenting with new techniques to incorporate into her work and is open to experimenting with different materials, particularly recycled fabric and paper. She has always worked with fabric since she was a child, and the recent growth of textile art has inspired her.  As a result, she works with a wide range of textiles and fibers, including fabric, paper, and thread. Her work is constantly evolving, and she is now primarily involved in the use of recycled materials in collage and decorative items.

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3. Meet Heike

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Heike Reinhart was born in Germany and has lived and worked in Princeton, New Jersey, and now Basel, Switzerland. She started her journey as a entrepreneur as a cultural expert, author, and Global German Language Specialist. She is a test preparation specialist who works with professionals, individuals, and children, and has helped thousands of clients better understand the cultural differences they face as expats working in Switzerland and Germany for over 15 years. 

She understands how difficult it is to learn another language, but she also sees how enjoyable it is to become involved with local speakers and their culture. Her expertise is in taking your German to the next level by filling in the gaps with her own easy and simple method, rather than just brain numbing exercises.

4. Meet Judith

Judith, is the artist, entrepreneur and maker behind “Deer and Sparrow“.  She is from the United Kingdom and moved to Switzerland 13 years ago with her husband and two children. “Deer & Sparrow” is all about making it easy for friends and family to connect in creative and colorful ways with personalized greeting cards and keepsake decorations, as well as enamel mugs, keychains, artwork, and stationery. 

Her main source of inspiration is the various ways and places where people connect and various other successful women entrepreneurs. Relationships, living in a community and being a part of something, the obvious opportunities to connect such as birthdays, milestone celebrations, and places where memories are made – Judith believes in celebrating it all.

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5. Meet Kanika

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Kanika Mukhija is a woman entrepreneur who moved to Basel with her small family from India. She has worn woolens made by her mother since childhood and has always felt that they are warmer than market pieces. Handmade clothes last longer, and she is a firm believer in sustainability. She still has clothes in her closet that are over a decade old but still have the same warmth and freshness to them. She also believes they are one-of-a-kind because no two pieces are the same. As a result, for her entrepreneur business “Crochet with Kanika,” she creates handmade crochet wearables such as cardigans, sweaters, shawls, and so on. She also makes macrame home décor items such as wall hangings, macrame jar lanterns, and plant hangers on occasion.

6. Meet Kati

Kati Schneider worked as an intensive care nurse for nearly 20 years, but her true passion has always been entrepreneurship and photography, so she started her own business 10 years ago, primarily creating memories for families. She works with busy families and takes away all worries about organizing a family session and selecting the perfect printed product with her all-inclusive personalized service.

She is a Zurich-based premium lifestyle family photographer and filmmaker who helps families preserve their fondest memories through heartwarming and authentic photos and films that are full of love and emotion.

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7. Meet Katia

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Greek by origin, born in Cameroon, Central Africa, raised in Athens, and an expat for 27 years, Katia has lived in 8 cities, 7 countries, and 3 continents so far, with Switzerland being her home for the past decade. Katia Vlachos is an entrepreneur, certified professional life coach as well as a writer/author, and she enjoys wearing both ‘hats’ at work. Going through a difficult expat relocation fueled her desire to assist other global nomads in making smoother transitions and, ideally, building thriving lives abroad.

She is dedicated to her mission of empowering, challenging, and championing her clients as they reclaim control of their lives and make the courageous decisions required to pursue their dreams.

8. Meet Angela

Angela, who is originally from the United States, has been living in Lenzburg, Switzerland, with her family for the past 11 years. Her first job was as an environmental scientist, specializing in renewable energy permitting and consulting. She returned to school after becoming an expat and mother of two children in order to figure out why she was always tired and sick. Her studies in holistic health and wellness opened her eyes to the many ways that lifestyle and food choices affect people’s health and happiness.

Warm Wellness” was created to assist women approaching midlife in better understanding what they are experiencing and how they can reduce the symptoms commonly associated with midlife.

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To get to know more such amazing women entrepreneurs who we collaborated with, stay tuned for the next and final article of the Advent Giveaway series!

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