Women Entrepreneurs and Concluding the Advent Giveaway!

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The #MySwissStoryAdventGiveaway campaign was concluded by these 8 amazing women who came together to collaborate with me to make the last week of Advent a success! This mega giveaway allowed us to give back to the community and also make new bonds and friendships in the process! Let me introduce you to all these women whom I admire so very much!

1. Meet Danna

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Danna Levy Hoffman is a functional medicine certified health coach, a mother of two amazing boys, and a wonderful wife. She specializes in gut health and works with women all over the world to help them stop dieting and heal their relationship with food for good.

Her health coaching business, “Organilicious,” provides a safe and effective coaching environment that fosters self-growth by addressing sleep, stress, nutrition, movement, and special dietary requirements.

2. Meet Sunita

Sunita Kour is the founder of “Techies Time to Tea,” a small brand that supports artisans and women at all levels. As an Indian with a specialty in tea, they proudly serve authentic Indian Chai and Samosas across fresh markets in Basel, and people adore the way they serve the Chai.

Their Basel Concept Store and online shop offer a diverse range of products ranging from whole leaf teas to natural dye fabrics and some Swiss handmade products made by many women-owned businesses.

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3. Meet Helena

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Helena Zachariassen is a certified KonMari Consultant and a Life, Home, and Business Organization Coach. She is a firm believer in living a healthy, sustainable, and aligned life with fewer materialistic possessions. Through “My Happy Home“, she wanted to inspire, guide, and empower other women to break free from overwhelm, guilt, never-ending to-do lists, and chaos, because life is precious and should be nothing less than enjoyable for everyone! 

Working with her will make your life, time, home, and business easier to manage and will contain only the essentials you love and need.

4. Meet Shelly

Shelly, who is originally from India, has lived in Basel for over nine years. She considers storytelling to be one of the most powerful forms of human expression and connection, as well as an effective tool for problem solving, community building, communicating complex messages, and empowering individuals.

As a Story Coach, she provides coaching to individuals, professionals, and organizations to help them harness the power of stories and oral storytelling to uncover, craft, and tell their most important stories in an authentic and powerful way.

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5. Meet Kate

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Kate Parkyn adores travel and has always been the person in her family who researches and plans everyone’s vacations! When she was looking for a new venture that would make her children proud and show them by example that anything is possible if you work hard and are passionate about it, starting her own travel business was a natural fit.

She believes that no trip is too big or too small, and her company can provide you with limitless options whether you want a fabulous city break, a restorative wellness retreat, or any of the other incredible adventures on your bucket list!

6. Meet Christine

Christine Gerber Rutt creates spaces for people to sink into themselves, like a refreshing oasis. Spaces where they feel accepted and safe enough to remove their masks and burdens, gain clarity, and explore and listen to their heart’s whispers. Then devise a plan for following those whispers in real life. Her formal education is in social work with a psychology emphasis, and she is currently pursuing international certification as an intuition coach. She offers tarot and oracle card readings, intuition coaching, and leads monthly Intuition Expeditions.

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7. Meet Anisa

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Anisa Zafar is a certified meditation teacher, trauma coach, Pranic healer, and NLP certified practitioner.

Her life’s work is to teach women how to slow down, find clarity, inner peace, and create an authentic relationship with themselves in order to reduce stress and feel more harmony and balance in their lives.

Over the years, she has helped hundreds of women all over the world feel more connected to their hearts! Her inspiration came from her own life, specifically how meditation and building resilience changed her inner perspective and how the external world transformed her for the better.

8. Meet Pragati…aka ME!

I am an Indian expat living in the lovely city of Basel with my wonderful family. I’ve been working in technology for over 17 years, I also teach geeky stuff at the university to budding engineering students. My Swiss Story is a personal passion project of mine.

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Here’s to more initiatives like this and to always supporting women! Stay tuned to find out what My Swiss Story comes up with next!

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