We Tried It: Review of Dhania Naturkosmetiko Basel – Switzerland

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Right from my teen days, or probably the days when I started caring about my appearance – my skin regime involved natural ingredients. My cousins taught me a simple mask which would actually make my skin glow – I would mix gram flour, sandalwood powder, rose water and milk and then apply it to my face. It worked wonders…

This natural mask is safe and effective for an instant glow and acne

My skin has always been extremely sensitive so cosmetics and skin care products with artificial ingredients never worked well for me. I went through a series of reactions if I tried to change the products I used – from then on I kept it simple, I kept using baby products.

Recently, what I tried was a bunch of products from Daniella’s shop – dhania. The word Dhania is a hindi word which is Daniella’s favourite herb – coriander. What attracted me to her brand, were the promise words – organic, natural and vegan. The products are 100% safe and healthy.

Meet Daniella – who runs the store Dhania

I tried the following: Dr. Bronners hand & body shikakai soap, Biofficina Toscano – Face emulsion and Conditioner. In a line – the products were gentle, effective and full of natural aromas.


Dr. Bronners hand & body shikakai soap

bronner_shikakai_lavender_dhaniaDr. Bronner’s is the natural soap with a cult status. It is actually the most sold natural soap brand in the US.

The liquid soap felt amazing on the skin, thanks to its silk like consistency and natural aromas. It didn’t leave my skin dry afterwards. I usually need a lot of moisturiser after a warm bath, the soap surprised me as it left my skin feeling moisturised and hydrated. The main ingredients are shikakai and white grapes which have natural conditioning, cleansing and moisturising abilities.

The soap comes in many shapes and forms, the one I tried comes as a pump bottle with pop colours. I recommend this product – especially if you want to switch from artificial to natural, if you believe in fair trade and if you believe in the beauty of nature.

And here’s the good news – Currently, the Liquid Soaps and Lipbalms from Dr. Bronner are on SALE in the webshop (Liquid Soaps Fr. 10.- instead of 11.90, Lipbalms Fr. 5.- instead of 5.50).

Biofficina Toscano – Face emulsion


Since the skin on my face is the most sensitive, it is prone to redness and rashes – I am always scared of try anything new. The emulsion turned out to be my personal favourite and it is now on my night stand. It has a subtle scent of floral notes – rose and camomile and is gentle on the skin.

It left my skin moisturised and glowing. The natural ingredients like tomato extract, olive and rice oil leaves the skin looking younger as it carries anti ageing effects.

You can buy it from the webshop for 21.90 CHF or visit the store for a skin consultation.

Biofficina Toscano – Conditioner

biofficina_conditioner_dhaniaI think the most ignored aspect of the hair regime is conditioning. I usually oil my hair twice a week, use a gentle shampoo but my conditioner bottles almost always remain full. Choosing the right conditioner for your hair is probably as important as actually using it. The Biofficina Toscano conditioner has a cream like consistency along with a fresh scent of lemon and sage extracts.

It is highly recommended for damaged and brittle hair. The organic oil and vegetable protein from white kidney beans has a nourishing effect on the hair. Using it regularly will result in natural hair care and a silky touch.

You can buy it from the webshop for 15.90 CHF or visit the store for a hair consultation.

Store coordinates:


Meltingerstrasse 15, 4053 Basel

Web – http://www.dhania.ch/

Email – thuering@dhania.ch

You want more?


Daniella offers beauty quickies for around 30 minutes, these are moderately priced at 35 CHF. You can try a brief skin and make up consultation, a natural manicure or a fresh cosmetic facial mask.

You can also organize group workshops and beauty consultations.

And if that wasn’t enough :-

Daniella has her own line of skin care and where the focus remains on natural beauty. More products being added here.

We hope you found this review informative and useful. I look forward to hearing back from you.

For beauty collaborations in Switzerland, you can email me at : pragati@www.beforbeauty.com

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