Warm up with a meal in these cozy Zurich restaurants

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Author: Ipsita Barua, Travel Editor

This time of the year can be challenging for both mood and meals. No sun, barely any fun and too much time indoors already make you miss spring BBQs and summer picnics. Add to that the daily task of looking up soup recipes, planning and cooking hot meals every day.

Make winter the perfect time to hang up the ladle and pans and head out for a meal. Here are some places in Zurich that serve some delectable fare in cozy settings. Perfect for a date night or a special meal with family and friends. All tried and tested.


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My Swiss Story Cozy Zürich restaurants Pic: https://chaesalp.ch/

Located in a former economic building of the ‘Alter Tobelhof’ farm, which has been restored and renovated, Chäsalp offers an extensive and unique menu of fondue and other specialties in a very warm and cozy environment with historical significance. If you are confused about which fondue to pick from the list, their CCC (Chief Cheese Chef) will assist you with recommendations. That’s how serious about their cheese.

There’s also a special menu for kids and some cute rabbits to keep them entertained.

You can book a table at Chäsalp here


Who would think of having a meal surrounded by medieval armoury? Try Zeughauskeller. This one is quite an institution in Zürich and a great place to show off to visitors. Housed in a building that dates back to 1487, Zeughauskeller was used as an arsenal house during the Middle Ages and is today a bustling eatery serving Swiss favourites and regional specialties in an atmospheric setting. The walls are still adorned with medieval artillery that lend quite a unique look to your culinary experience. This place serves a special flaming beer that’ll set your Insta stories and reels on fire. Just don’t expect peace and quiet here because the place is always busy and swarming with locals and visitors alike. The menu is quite easy to navigate and order.

You can book your table at Zeughauskeller here

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My Swiss Story Cozy Zürich restaurants Pic: https://www.zeughauskeller.ch/en/home


This one has all my 5 stars. It’s REALLY REALLY exclusive. If the all-capital letters didn’t drive the point home, there’s more you should know. The place accommodates only a select few. The wooden table and benches are carved out with names. But not everyone can find a place on that wood of honour. There’s a rite of passage for it. You have to climb the low hanging beam, balance yourself, hang upside down and down a glass a complimentary wine. Only then you would be immortalized in those benches and walls. Sounds easy but take it as a challenge, you might consider taking classes after it. For the rules and record, check this

There’s no fixed menu here, it keeps changing according to seasonal specialties and is curated with fresh produce available. Take a look at the interiors and reserve your table here if you like what you see.

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My Swiss Story Cozy Zürich Restaurants Pic: https://www.oepfelchammer.ch/en/
Zurich restaurants
My Swiss Story Cozy Zürich Restaurants Pic: https://www.oepfelchammer.ch/en/


This is for the spice lovers. Beyond serves authentic Chinese cuisine with Sichuan specialties that can make you sweat on a freezing winter evening. Whether you order a fish stew or the eggplant stir-fried with minced pork, chili and garlic sauce, all their dishes come labelled with spice levels so you know what sweat level you are in for. Depending on your spice tolerance, a meal here would make you leave your jackets behind!

You can book your table at Beyond here

My Swiss Story Cozy Zürich Restaurants Pic: https://www.restaurant-beyond.ch/restaurant

Chalet Züriberg

This one has it all, the location, the views, the warmth and the fondue. But it’s limited edition, like all fine things. Getting here is just half the fun and a great place to spend an evening here with both Swiss and Chinoise fondue. Bring your visitors here, this chalet has everything to impress, A definite must when your need a change of scene close to home.

It’s up until 12th February and without losing a day, and book your place here

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My Swiss Story Cozy Zürich Restaurants Pic: https://chalet-zueriberg.ch/
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My Swiss Story Cozy Zürich Restaurants Pic: https://chalet-zueriberg.ch/

Reservations recommended in all of the above. And if you have a personal favourite please comment and add on to the list.


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