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Author: Helena Zachariassen, Home and Lifestyle Editor

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Did you know that we wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time? That’s not a lot, right? And in these strange stay-at-home and work-from-home times it’s probably even less than 20%..It’s time for a change! Are you in?

Autumn is for me personally a time of new beginnings and rebirth. I feel it in my whole being as the weather starts to change and the leaves start to fall. Autumn is the perfect time to start something new. Challenge yourself and make way for new opportunities and change your life for the better.

Nobody says it better than one of my favourite poets:

Be like a tree and let the dead leaves drop.


Your wardrobe might need to let its dead leaves drop too and make room for your favourites to shine. With the guide below you will be on your way towards a KonMarie‘d, simplified, curated and decluttered wardrobe that makes you joyful and smile every time you open the doors.

wardrobe makrover
My Swiss Story: Autumn wardrobe makeover

1. What is your ideal lifestyle?

Deep within I believe we all already know what brings us joy and what kind of life we want to live. We might have just buried it all under work, commitments, stress and random piles of physical things. Usually when we start tidying there is initially more chaos. That alone might become a shock and turn us numb. Maybe we’re having a hard time letting go, or finishing a task at hand? For all of these circumstances we need a WHY and focus on the goal!

What should have space and presence in your
home and life going forward?

wardrobe makeover
My Swiss Story: Autumn wardrobe makeover

It’s crucial not to skip this step. It will help you reconnect to yourself, your values and what matters most in your life. As a consequence, when you tidy your clothes you will use these self reflection goals to help make decisions. This way you will know more clearly what kind of belongings will support you in achieving your ideal way of living. Ask yourself:

  • Where do you currently stand?
  • What would you like to have more of and what less of in life?
  • What should have space and presence in your home and life going forward?

Make a list, a visual mood board, a drawing, a mindmap…anything that helps you find YOUR unique ideal lifestyle.

2. Gather all your clothing and make a pile

new look for the wardrobe

Let’s go! Gather all your clothing in one place. All of it. Also from the entrance and the basement and wherever you keep pieces of clothing. Usually what you have currently in the laundry is stuff you wish to keep. If not, let it go with gratitude. Make a pile on the bed or somewhere where you have enough space to make a mess.

3. If you are short on time, make sub categories

If you can’t find the time to do the full makeover in one go you can easily break it down into smaller chunks and do a few sub categories. Examples of sub categories could be tops, bottoms, underwear and socks, sportswear, shoes etc. I would, however, recommend that you do not leave too many days in between the sub categories, as you might lose momentum and the light in the tunnel.

4. Joy check – what does spark joy even mean?

When going through each piece of clothing, focus on what you want to keep. Always. Your intuition and your previously assessed lifestyle goals will help you determine what sparks joy for you. Make sure to find a few absolute favourites to start with and compare other items against these. Remember, if it’s not a clear yes it’s usually a clear no.

We should always care for and handle our belongings with respect throughout their life cycle. If they have outlived their purpose, we can respectfully let them go with a “thank you” . This might feel strange to start with but give it a try! It will feel so natural after a while. After all, this item has surved you and its purpose well and is for sure worthy of some gratitude. Make sure to think sustainably and categorise discarded items for selling, donating, recycling etc. and make an effort to part with the discarded items as soon as possible.

“By involving our hearts when we tidy clothing, we can thank our items for all they do to protect our bodies and express our identity.”

Marie Kondo

5. Fold and hang, give everything a home

By now you should have chosen all your favourites to keep. If you haven’t tried file folding yet, this is your moment to try. Not necessarily with materials that love to be hung, like thinner blouses, shirts and some nice dresses or business suits, but with most other things. Depending on your wardrobe structure, fold what can be folded and hang the rest. If you have lots of drawers, they are simply made for neat folding. The ultimate goal is to see everything you have with one glance. It saves you a lot of time and energy in the morning when you have a full overview and you’re able to choose only from belongings you simply love.

6. Storage & final touches

Indeed, organisational supplies are pretty – but they are never the solution! So before moving on to storing your favourite clothes, please check that you’ve ticked all the below boxes first:

  • Finish discarding first before starting to fold
  • Hang all sensitive items rising to the right. For a visually optimised finish they should hang from long to short, from dark to light.
  • Find a permanent home for everything

    Finally, add a final touch to your closet with something you love! A precious item could for example be a favourite photo, a pair of special shoes or a favourite piece of jewellery. This item will make you smile and remind you of a special event or memory each and every time you open your closet!

7. Capsule wardrobe, minimalism or maximalism – what is the “right” way?

First and foremost. Stop counting how many t-shirts and pairs of jeans you own and feel bad about it! That is NOT what KonMari, minimalism or a capsule wardrobe is about. What matters is what works for YOU. Maybe you need one pair of jeans for each and every day of the week due to your profession – so be it. Your wardrobe should mirror who YOU are and meet YOUR needs only. Any wardrobe styling method out there is actually there to serve you, not to make you feel guilty. However, these tools might be helpful for you to perfect your own style matching your personality.

8. Have fun and enjoy the ride

pexels photo 3772506

Life can be so serious sometimes, please make sure your tidying day is something completely different. Try things on in front of the mirror, make funny faces and take crazy pictures if you feel like it! Get a friend or partner to help you (but certainly not to judge!). You might be in for the most fun filled day in a long time. And finally – ENJOY your makeover! What you wear impacts your self-image as well as your self-esteem – make sure you choose clothes that make you feel amazing and confident! You are doing it for YOU!

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