Unique Destinations In Switzerland: Lake Brienz

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Lake Brienz is one of the most stunning lakes in Switzerland. It is one of the two lakes that compose the Interlaken area, Lake Thun being the other one, because Interlaken means – in between lakes. Lake Brienz derives its name from a town called Brienz, a cute little, typical Swiss village with wooden chalets, flowered balconies and carved decorated walls. However Lake Brienz is a lot more.

Getting To Lake Brienz

As the lake is quite large, it depends where one wishes to start. As Interlaken sits in the middle of two lakes, and Interlaken West leads to Lake Brienz, a good way to start visiting the area is by driving or taking a train to Interlaken. Did you know that Interlaken is one of the most visited Swiss cities? It is also the star location of many Chinese and Indian movies.With Interlaken as the starting point, one can decide where to move next. The options are Brienz town itself, which is reachable by train, car or even boat from Interlaken, or the wonderful Giessbach falls.

Things To Do In Lake Brienz

Visit Giessbach Falls 

The magnificent Giessbach falls is a must-visit while in the area. It has easy access, both by car or a boat from Brienz followed by a little train that takes you up the mountain where the falls are. There’s also a very nice hotel located just in front of the falls, making it a perfect place for a lazy lunch or an ice cream.

Afternoon Tea At The Jungfrau Hotel 

As Interlaken is the suggested starting point, an afternoon tea at the Jungfrau Hotel overlooking one of the most iconic Swiss mountains, the Jungfraujoch is highly recommended. The Jungfrau Hotel is a luxurious 5-star hotel with a majestic spa and a sophisticated atmosphere.

Take a short trip to Blausee

If you have time, don’t miss a visit to Blausee, a turquoise blue, crystal clear lake just a few kilometers away from Lake Brienz.


Cheese, cheese, and more cheese! Fondue, raclette and more local delicacies with cheese. Finish it off with some chocolates because after all, you are in Switzerland.

Costs When Travelling To Lake Brienz

Switzerland is expensive compared to other countries, but the good news is that just by paying CHF 70 for a full-day transport ticket, one can travel anywhere in the country, by train, tram and boat for the same price. Sometimes if you are lucky, there are special SBB fares to be found on their website. All you need to do is to look for the Day Pass.

In terms of food, fondue and raclette are not the most expensive dishes, but one must budget at least CHF 30 per person per meal. So, without excess, consider approx. CHF 100 per person for this trip. It is not cheap but totally worth it.

Switzerland is my HEIMAT. This is a word that exists with its true meaning only in German. It is more than home. It is the place where you belong, where you feel your soul is. Welcome to my HEIMAT and enjoy all it has to offer.

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