Turning 40! Heart to heart interviews with real women – PART 3

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Author: Ann Grandchamp, Mental Health Editor

Woohooo – I can’t wait to share the last 3 interviews with you . Today we even have our own Pragati Sidhanti, founder of My Swiss Story, sharing as an almost 40 year old. We will also discover Sandra’s perspective despite many trials in her life and the story of a woman I know her personnally. I can share with you that not only did she have her last child just days before turning 40, she also retrained as an art therapist in her early forties! What a fantastic model of perseverance and self-belief!

So, grab yourself a cuppa, sit down for a few minutes and enjoy today’s heart to hearts. From their heart, to yours.

A heart to heart with Pragati

When did you turn 40?

I will turn 40 this April, and I am very excited, much more than when I turned 30! My 30s have been a wonderful decade and I am even more excited about what my 40s will bring in.

Are you planning to celebrate?

I am planning to celebrate it with my family back home in India (fingers crossed since travel has been tricky since COVID -19 kicked in). But I think this celebration should be huge, it’s a milestone birthday and unlike others I am really looking forward to a great party and treasured moments with my loved ones. And guess what? I am not leaving it in the hands of anyone else – expectations can unfortunately cause severe heart burn 😉.

What’s your least favorite thing about being 40?

My least favourite thing, ummmm…. I don’t like all the stereotypes associated with it! It’s just a number, you don’t change much from one day to the other. I don’t like it when people say, “hey, now…. you’re in the 40s club :D”. Where is this club? I sure didn’t sign up 😉.

What’s your favorite thing about being 40?

No wonder my word for this year is acceptance. I think everything that happened in the last decade has brought me to this word!

I am happy with where I am in life. I mean things are not perfect and there’s room for improvement – but then so is life!

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My Swiss Story: Turning 40!

What do you think turning 40 will change for you?

I still have 2 months to go, but I have learnt a lot of important lessons that I’d like to carry forward into the next decade. One of the most important one is not to be too hard on myself.

“If you don’t treat yourself with kindness, it’s quite unfair to expect it from others”.

What would you say to a woman who’s afraid of turning 40?

“Welcome to the 40s club” 😉 Hehe!

No, on a serious note – age is just a number, you’re not going to change just cuz you turned 40!

It’s a milestone, and you need to celebrate it. And I think by the time you turn 40, you are in much better control of your life than when you turn 20 or even 30! So, don’t be afraid; you’re going to be awesome; even more than before!

A heart to heart with Mona

When did you turn 40?

In 2015.

Did you celebrate? If so what did you do?

Yes, with my family and my new baby Charline! I was just happy to have our third child and was weak after the birth so we were just quiet and very happy together.

What’s your least favorite thing about being in your forties?

My body is changing a little bit.

What was your favorite thing about being 40?

My last child: a baby is full of energy and life!

What has turning 40 changed for you?

I felt like I had accomplished half of my life.

What would you say to a woman who’s afraid of turning 40?

It’s just a transition, a gateway.

A heart to heart with Sandra

When did you turn 40?

In December 2020.

Did you celebrate? If so what did you do?

I don’t normally like to celebrate my birthday since it is associated with a family tragedy, but I felt – this time – that it would be important for my child to celebrate it with me. I ordered sushi, bought myself a few gifts and had a beautiful cake delivered.

What’s your least favorite thing about being 40?

I feel that time is running out and I make more “back-up plans” than usual. I worry more than before and I try to balance that aspect so negativity does not have a major role.

What’s your favorite thing about being 40?

My wisdom, my knowledge, my confidence. I wish I could go back and tell my younger self to trust myself more, in my intuition, in my gut. When I look back at times, I am amazed about my life path and accomplishments, despite the circumstances.

What has turning 40 changed for you?

Not much really, apart from my body capacity and response? In my mind, I am and I feel so much younger. But then again, I never wanted to be older or younger, I have accepted my age without issues. However, I think that may change when I turn 50. At that point, I believe I will change from “Accomplishments” to “Legacy” mode.

What would you say to a woman who’s afraid of turning 40?

Age is just a number, better to embrace it and live it to the fullest…..and most importantly, trust yourself. You are a warrior.

I hope you enjoyed the last 3 interviews in this series. I know I certainly took away many nuggets of wisdom that have motivated me and encouraged me to live my forties to the full and to just be who I am, independantly of others, to be free to be me. That is my wish for all of you, whatever stage of life you’re at: be free to be you.

Take care! Stay safe!

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