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Fall is here, the colours have changed from green to all shades of orange, yellow and red. The changing seasons are often a reminder of the end of the year. While there is something enchanting about Autumn, we’re here to talk about Soeder Natural Care.

photo sep 22 12 47 44 pmCome autumn and a change in my skincare routine. So during my Silicon Valley tour to California this summer, as part of my shopping list, I picked up tons of skincare products for my face and my hair. Cutting the long story short – when I talk about beauty I usually focus more on care than makeup.

Cutting the long story short: my personal beauty regime relies more on skincare than makeup.

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Know more about Soeder

When I was back home, a package from Soeder was something I was really looking forward to.

So, Soeder is a creative collective wherein the products are carefully curated and produced using ethically sourced ingredients. On looking closely, I found Soeder to be quite particular about what they keep in the store. They believe in sustainability and have multiple categories in the areas of furnishings, care, food, clothing and work essentials.

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What We Tried at Soeder

What did I try – I tried products from the CARE section. The natural soap, organic deodorant and the natural lotion. The products are produced locally in the Zurich factory and are handcrafted with natural ingredients, available in many fragrances.

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Since my skin is quite sensitive, I had been looking for something that would be gentle on the skin. The Soeder Natural Soap proved to be effective. The fragrance is light but that’s how I prefer it and this product was particularly moisturizing. This again works for me, as I have dry skin and now that winters are here, I ‘m constantly looking for humectant based products like glycerin.

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Next up was NaturDeo: The organic deodorant has a pleasant smell, is not too strong (I tend to get headaches from the strong ones my husband uses )but this one again is gentle and refreshing to use. However, when it comes to sillage: it doesn’t last as long as I would have hoped for.

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We Tried It: Soeder Natural Care

The NaturLotion was again quite effective with a smooth texture. Look out for shea butter, coconut oil and almond oil-based products for dry skin especially with the dry weather we experience in Switzerland.

Final Verdict: Soeder

If you appreciate brands that offer natural skincare, then Soeder is definitely worth a shot.

My advice is to go easy with makeup this winters, moisturize regularly and stay hydrated.

The products are manufactured in Switzerland and what I absolutely adore is the packaging. All the bottles are glass and can be actually refilled.

Do check out their Instagram account, they have an interesting lineup in the other categories as well.

Pssst… they have a sale going on and you might want to check it out. The stores are located in Zurich and Basel– you can shop online too!

We Tried It: Soeder Natural Care Soeder Store: Picture from https://en.soeder.ch/
Ankerstrasse 124
8004 Zürich
Telefon +41 44 558 34 43

E-Mail info@soeder.ch

Spalenberg 38
4051 Basel
Telefon +41 61 556 18 16

Happy Autumn!

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