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I think the best part about travelling are the memories that we associate with it for years to come. Here are some of our favourite memories about travelling to Lucerne, Switzerland. Plus a lot of photos and a couple of things to do in Lucerne that may interest you.

Eurail Trip from Paris to Lucerne

We actually took a train from Paris to Lucerne and I gotta say, it’s one of the most picturesque rides of our lives. An early morning start, the landscape of Switzerland takes you in by the time you enter the countryside. Lush mountains, rocks and littered fresh water streams was the beginning of what was about to come. While I caught some shut-eye, my sister Manavi, decided not to shut her eyes even for a minute. She spent 7 hours gazing out of the train, listening to music and thinking about nothing.

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Ameron Flora, Lucerne

We arrived at the Central Station and decided not to take a cab and started dragging our 25 kg suitcases on the street. Luck prevailed and our hotel, Ameron Flora, was about 500 meters away. A quick check in later, we were ushered into our standard room with necessary facilities and a view of the Swiss Alps.

Walking Tour

You get the small town vibe from Lucerne the moment you start walking around. It was a cool afternoon, and not too hot for us (we come from New Delhi!) and made our way towards the iconic Lake Lucerne and Kapellbrücke aka the Chapel Bridge. The most photographed part of Lucerne, there are restaurants and bars on both sides of Lake Lucerne and you can reach either side using this wooden bridge.

Remember to:

  • Grab a map by the hotel reception. These help you maneuver, in case your 3G/Google Maps stop working.
  • We decided to eat dinner by Lake Lucerne. If you’re travelling on a strict budget, make sure you check out their menus and prices before you sit down. After all, Switzerland is more expensive in general than most other countries.
  • Carry an umbrella and a jacket with you: it gets a bit cold in the evening.


Be For Beauty's experience at Lake Lucerne. Get more travel tips here
Be For Beauty’s experience at Lake Lucerne. Get more travel tips here


Tourists from all across the world enjoy a beautiful evening in Lucerne.
Tourists from all across the world enjoy a beautiful evening in Lucerne.
Twilight at Kapellbrücke aka Chapel Bridge, Lucerne
Twilight at Kapellbrücke aka Chapel Bridge, Lucerne



Mount Titlis Tour
We spent most of our second day on the Mount Titlis Tour . We took a train from the Central Station or Zentralbahn to Titlis. You have to take a train going to Engelberg (there is one every 30 minutes) and then go from Engelberg to Titlis (there is one every hour). If, like us, you’re going in peak tourist season, you’ll have plenty of company.

A bus ride later, you reach the base of Mount Titlis after which you keep climbing up to the top of Titlis. I think the most scary ride was the open cable car in which you’re literally slanting down and it’s completely open. There were NO Go-Pros but that would make for an adrenaline rush for sure.





Unfortunately, we were a bit tired and annoyed by the amount of people that were there at Titlis. We both went through phases of mood swings but were happy to see and spend sometime in the snow. There are a couple of rides for adventure seekers but the 360 view of Titlis was really good; and we got some good photos.





If you’re staying in Lucerne for longer, stop at Engelberg for a few hours or even a few days since it’s amazingly beautiful. We saw a lot of tourists getting off at Engelberg and a few remote villages to have a picnic, go for a trek or just stay there. We were short on time but we do plan go back to Engelberg, now that we live there!

Needless to say, the ride back was pretty tiring, so we just ate and slept early, leaving Lucerne the next morning.

Have you been to Lucerne? Tell us about your experience in the comments’ section.

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