Travel Diaries: The Best Tips About Travelling To Liverpool and Port SunLight

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So we’re going to pick up where we left off. And talk about my last stop at Liverpool and Port Sunlight, UK. This is the third stop, after Amsterdam and Lisbon. Stay tuned for some of the best tips about travelling to Liverpool and Port Sunlight.

Lisbon turned me into a spoilt traveller

After being completely in love with Lisbon, I headed to Manchester, my pit stop to head to Liverpool. My luggage came in quickly at the carousel at Manchester Airport. However, there were paid trolleys around with no pounds in my pocket(yet).  So I ended up dragging my heavy bags only to find the chauffeur – Jim. As we walked out, the chilly winds totally surprised me. As I silently abused myself about not carrying enough layers, Jim went on about how good, and summery the weather is. We were clearly on different pages.

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Hilton Hotel, Liverpool

The ride to Liverpool was uneventful and lasted around 45 minutes, Hilton is located on the waterfront – this place was much cooler. Jim dropped me on the other side of the road as he couldn’t cross it so I had to drag the suitcases again. I was now spoilt beyond recognition: business class tickets, premium lounges, and 5-star hotels, it seemed that carrying 50 kilos of baggage was not my forte anymore.

The staff at the front desk was courteous and helped me carry the bags to my room. This room did not hold a candle to the one in Sheraton, the trip was coming to a close was my first thought. From the looks of the hotel and the area around it, I had understood that this was a tourist spot. I ate some crisps, headed to the ATM, bought a bottle of wine and a cardigan, and figured out that a train would be the best option to get to Port Sunlight, my office.

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The Iconic Port Sunlight

Next morning, with some amount of anxiousness, I wrote everything down and left for the train station.

My laptop bag, really, why in god’s name is it so heavy – my shoulder is bruised with all the carrying around. Anyways, I took a return ticket for the train going towards Chester – and in 6 stops – Voila! I was in Port Sun Light – which was built by the Lever brothers for all the workers working inside the Soap factory. 2 minutes from the station was Lever House – I couldn’t believe this was my office and not a historical monument of glory. I was welcomed in the office by my colleagues, given a tour of the palace and a little part of the village. I was in love, with the office and this place.

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I attended office for 2 days where I got to meet many people I work with, admire the architecture of the office and the beauty of the village. I spent the evenings walking around the Albert dock and taking pictures, also shopping for people back home inside Liverpool One. Taking a step back, indeed, I have spent too much money from my pocket! But all worth it – the experience much more than the shopping.

While I thanked God for no funny adventures during the entire 2 weeks, there was one about to come.

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I misplaced my phone on my flight

Enroute Manchester to Dubai and then Bangalore, my bad luck came into being and suddenly, I couldn’t find my Samsung Note. I checked the seats, the surroundings, asked the staff but it couldn’t be found. The airline staff told me that it might have slipped into the complicated machinery of my seat and they would help me out at the time of arrival. Long after all passengers had left, the engineers came in and found my phone lodged in the food tray.

When I left the aircraft I was the only one on the aerobridge, on the escalator and the immigration. This wasn’t a good feeling – it was late, almost 3.40 AM now. By the time I reached the baggage belts, I could see people, people from my flight. Fortunately, the luggage had just started rolling in – I was among the first few to receive the bags – phew! Some solace. The Emirates chauffeur-driven car took me home after 19 days.

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