Things to do in and around Basel: the Rehberger Way

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Hello, my lovelies, in our run-up to our much-awaited hidden gems travel project, we are giving to you snippets from authors, the one that didn’t quite make it to the book but remains noteworthy (today is my turn). I had heard about this unique 24 points unique experience connecting the 2 countries (Switzerland and Germany) and I was really looking forward to trying it. However, life, errands, and COVID takes over and then we never got to do it (for almost a whole year!!).

By the way, I love my staple Basel Saturdays in the city: I usually leave home around 11 am, run errands (sometimes get my nails done ;)), then I go to the local market and buy flowers and some local produce, then I hit my favorite cafe Huguenin where I usually have a quiche with salad (lunch), followed by coffee. Post which, I beat my exhaustion (which has no good reason ;)) with a walk-down Friesstrasse where I invariably end up buying things (clothes, bags, or shoes) which are not even on my list of things I “want/need”. Superficial much? I don’t care, go ahead – judge me all you want 😉

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Things to do in and around Basel: the Rehberger Way

But I highly recommend this itinerary for my girlfriends in Basel, if you ever wanna do this together – hit me up and we’ll make a day out of it. Probably this one deserves an article of its own and I promise to document this on my gram and blog!

So this is exactly how I spent my Saturday (last weekend) but on Sunday we did the famous 24 stops walk aka Rehberger Way which connects Beyeler Foundation in the Swiss village Riehen to the Vitra Campus in Weil am Rhein in Germany. This unique walk is quite easy, I wouldn’t account for it as a typical hike but an easy-going stroll. The walk combines nature and art; each of the 24 objects is artworks that are created by the German artist Tobias Rehberger.

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Things to do in and around Basel: the Rehberger Way

“The markers along the way are designed to attract people’s attention with color and form used to give them a magnetic, alien quality in the landscape.”Tobias Rehberger

Making your way – in and out

Take tram #6 from the city (Schifflande) and get down at the stop Riehen, Foundation Beyler. From here, you can find your way very easily to a narrow path that leads to the route. The 24 stops are like pointers which indicate that you are on the right route and fortunately there are always enough people walking along. If nothing else, you can find the map over here.

The path is very scenic where you pass through the city life, through open fields, magnificent views of the city, forest pathways and vineyards. The vineyards at this point in time look absolutely gorgeous due to the fall colors.

The route ends at the Vitra Museum, where you can have a coffee at the snack bar and make your way back home on bus #55 which takes you to Basel (stop: Claraplatz) from here you have enough trams to take you home. Mind you, the frequency of bus #55 is limited, so I advise you to plan accordingly.

Pro tip: This hike/walk/stroll is better without a car in the mix, use public transport to get you in and out of your start and end points.

Things to do

  • Walk – The hike is about 6 kms and it took us around 90 mins with 4 adults and 3 children, we all walk at different paces so I assume it would actually be shorter.
  • Take Pictures – A lot of them
  • Stop and admire the artwork – The kids will love the big chair
  • Visit the museums if not already done so, highly recommended – Foundation Beyler and Vitra, both are very HIGH up on my list of things to do in and around the city.
  • Have coffee/snacks at Kunstlerhaus Claire Ochsner cafe when you start and the Vitra museum when it ends – I can highly recommend this, you know I am very particular about my coffee so when I recommend it – it gotta be good!


It’s free, it costs nothing. Carry euros for the bus journey back; your card works just fine in the museum cafes/snack bars.

The project “24 Stops” was commissioned by the cultural institutions at its two extremities and the municipalities of Weil am Rhein in Germany and Riehen in Switzerland, and realized with the Swiss watch manufacturer Swatch. The walk can be done independently or as a guided tour. To get to stop number ten – Artwork on the Ground – walkers need to produce identity documents to be allowed to cross into the other country. The project is linked to the IBA Basel 2020 international initiative, whose aim is to set up cooperation schemes in this particular part of Europe where France, Switzerland and Germany meet. The open-air Rehberger-Weg initiative has a website with a map that can be downloaded, a smartphone app and an instagram account. (Souce:

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