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When I first launched My Swiss Story over 6 years ago, I had no specific goals in mind. I’d always enjoyed writing, and for the first time, it had a purpose. My articles and social media posts quickly became popular among expats, particularly women. Looking at the glass half-full, creative collaborations, and re-invention were all regular themes for me. Unknowingly and quite by accident, I began to become a voice for women, as their stories of reinvention touched a nerve with me. And so the journey of using the platform I created to support, uplift, and empower women began. 

I walked the walk, featuring women on my website, creating an all-women editorial panel, hosting a number of creative collaborations, and last year I took it a step further by organizing our first ever mega giveaway, in collaboration with 24 women across Switzerland who were featured on our page, and 24 unique prizes were won! During the holiday season, this was my way of giving back to my wonderful community! The #MySwissstoryAdventGiveaway campaign has been extremely rewarding; I’ve always enjoyed creating “win-win” situations, and this one was no exception! Through this article and a series following them, I would like to introduce you to some of the amazing women we collaborated with to initiate this giveaway!

1. Meet Adelina

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Adelina decided to focus entirely on building her coaching practice – “The Advanced Talent” after a successful career in Learning and Development in Corporate Training and some academic research. She enjoys assisting people in their life and career transitions to achieve alignment around what truly matters in their lives, achieve long-term career success, and create physical, emotional, and spiritual abundance.

Her practise includes individual Expat Career Transition and Leadership Coaching, as well as Executive Coaching for developing cultural intelligence and improving cross-cultural relations around the world.

2. Meet Prachi

Prachi is an Indian who has been living in Europe since 2003. In 2012, she relocated to the French part of Switzerland, and in 2018, she relocated to Zug. She worked in a variety of fields before deciding to delve deeper into the world of Ayurveda and make it a part of her identity. For her, Ayurveda is an essential tool in anyone’s journey of self-transformation. It is an empirical science that enables people to care for their bodies, minds, and souls through lifestyle, diet, and spiritual practices.

Her business “Jaya Ayurveda” offers consultations using nutrition, lifestyle and herbs, season-based cooking classes with an introduction to Ayurveda, talks/workshops on various topics of Ayurveda eg: immunity, food, women’s health and even personalized manual treatments after consultations! I don’t know about you guys, but it sounds like a treat to me!

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3. Meet Julie

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Julie found her way back to her dream of creativity and building a community for women to make meaningful connections in “Our Happy Place,” the business she founded in 2018. “Our Happy Place” is a place for friends to get creative, celebrate birthdays and other special occasions, and connect with other women. Member and non-member events cover a wide range of topics, from small business meetups for entrepreneurs to German conversation meetups, as well as creative, health, and lifestyle workshops held both in-person and via Zoom!

Joining the Happy Hub puts you on the fast track to becoming a part of an inspiring community of women who support one another and celebrate each other’s victories (big or small!)

4. Meet Claire

Claire is a badASS (Accompanying Supportive Spouse) of American and Maltese descent living in Switzerland. She and her husband decided to move abroad for a two-year contract in 2009… almost 14 years later, they are still on their expat adventure. She is sarcastic, sweary, and honest, but she is also sincere and compassionate. Claire is a coach and author who loves helping expat women discover their inner badass and reinvent their lives abroad.

Earlier this year, she published “Badass Abroad,” a book for the not-so-trailing spouses out there. Her deepest desire is to help expat badasses truly own their worth, live more intentionally, and meet their internal needs. Her own personal growth journey inspired her to write this book and launch her coaching business.

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5. Meet Andrea

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Andrea Cristancho is the founder and host of The No Hustle Summit. She helps overwhelmed founders become peaceful CEOs as an Integrative Business Coach by bringing more integration between Work & Life. Her core message is that there is no need to hustle, and she uses it to lay the groundwork for a healthy lifestyle that includes more time, awareness, growth strategies, and accountability for her clients.

She is on a mission to help leaders who want to be peaceful CEOs transform their lives and ignite a healthier lifestyle among their people who look up to them as role models, and it all started because she refused to miss out on motherhood because of her entrepreneurial drive.

6. Meet Janine

Janine van Bree is a life and career coach for global-minded women. She assists them in developing the clarity and courage to live a life doing what they love. She was a transformation consultant for 5 years and a sales leader for 2 years before becoming a life coach. She was born in the Netherlands but has spent almost her entire life abroad, and she now lives in Wadenswil, Switzerland, with her husband and their daughter.

Her mission is to assist as many women as possible in reaching their full potential in order to achieve greater happiness and success both professionally and personally, while also making a greater impact in the world. She offers an exclusive one-on-one virtual coaching programme called ‘IgniteMyCareer’ that lasts 3 or 6 months.

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7. Meet Sara

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Sara M is an ICF certified business and leadership coach with over 15 years of corporate and entrepreneurship experience. She assists busy corporate women with entrepreneurial interests in finding the courage and confidence to launch and grow their own side businesses. She assists them in gaining clarity in order to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams without jeopardizing their career success or financial security, as well as in creating time and space for launching and growing a side business with ease, authenticity, and leadership in a short period of time.

Despite the fact that she assists her clients in brainstorming practical creative strategies, she is convinced that it is the deep inner work on the identity level that leads to the discovery of fears, limiting beliefs, and imposter syndrome. Nothing can stop a person from stepping in with full power and getting what they want when they become a conscious leader of their life.

8. Meet Irina

Irina moved to Zurich from Greece with her 13-year-old daughter three years ago and has spent the majority of her adult life here. She has a long career in the travel and tourism industry. She aspires to build a strong community in which small and large businesses can support one another, learn new skills, and share their experiences. Her project “Swiss Travel Market BD” appeared with the main idea of bringing together all of Switzerland’s tourism players in one place.

It provides a convenient, online, comprehensive, all-encompassing, time-saving, one-stop online platform for Swiss travel and tourism information, products, and services. Furthermore, it provides local and international travel news, Digital Marketing Services, a Special Offers board customized for each client, and consulting services for digitalization processes.

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To get to know more such amazing women who we collaborated with, stay tuned for the next article of the Advent Giveaway series!

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