Summer Home Makeover With Photowall Sweden

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This post is in collaboration with Photowall Sweden.

Hey Guys! With things opening up in Switzerland and the sun shining bright, my spring/summer home makeover is in full swing…and what better way to add that extra oomph than a beautiful printed canvas by Photowall?

What Is Photowall?

Conceptualized by Niklas and Charlie Johansson, Photowall is a company in Skarpnäck near Stockholm, Sweden. They digitally print canvas prints, wallpapers and even customize your wallpaper if you upload a photo.

Summer Home Makeover With Photowall Sweden | My Swiss Story | Image: Photowall

My Love for Photowall Continues

The last time I was approached by Photowall, we were just in the process of moving and you guys seemed to love the canvas I picked. Well, this time, they approached me right in time for my Spring/Summer home makeover! I went for this beautiful canvas called Detached.

How Photowall Works

It’s easy but you can spend hours on the website selecting the perfect product for your need – I say that since each design is more beautiful than the previous one.

Summer Home Makeover With Photowall Sweden | My Swiss Story | Image: Photowall

I have to say; the shipment and delivery were quite fast and I had it delivered to my apartment within 5 days of placing an order. Now, Photowall actually sends wooden brackets with pre-drilled corners and it took me around 10 minutes tops to get the canvas in a “ready to be mounted” state.  The box comes with just the right instructions and bits which makes it a fairly easy DIY!

The Final Look

And this is how our new Photowall canvas looks. I feel like our living room is all set to host small summer gatherings, my daughter who is very interested in art also loves it!

You can use my code myswissstory25 to get 25% off on any product on the Photowall website.
P.S: It is valid till 2 months from now. Enjoy!

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