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A mind of her own

While this generation (I mean not ours but the upcoming one), has a mind of their own, sometimes this mind works as a double edged sword. If I asked my mom, what my fashion choice was at the age of 6, she might give me a totally “duh” expression. We heard our mothers and yes we sometimes looked ridiculous, don’t believe me? – I suggest you pull out the old albums tonight.

Today, it’s easy buying clothes with all the choices available but it’s definitely not easy making them wear it. At times, what you like might not be what your child likes. I think mine was born with some fashion gene in her, and at times especially while getting ready for school – this particular gene brings me trouble. I know many fellow mothers with 5-6 year old daughters go through similar situations.

Dress up

Playing dress up, is almost always fun (of course when you have the time) and we had a fun time picking outfits over the last weekend – the styles are our way of bidding adieu to the summers.

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Her choice of colours – in a phrase would be 50 shades of pink. Well at times the barbie culture leaves a bit of a strawberry after taste in your mouth. I am not sure if it’s a good thing or a bad thing – but PINK is the colour of my passion. (Aerosmith – hello??)

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The good part about these outfits were the fact that they were pants and my daughter somewhat dislikes pants and jeans. But I think colour coordinating outfits with her favourite colours sometimes plays the trick for me.

Playing with Fabric Elephants

While in the last picture Niyati brings in Ben and Holly inspiration, the next one clearly shows the love for animals and the fact that children manage to play just about anywhere.

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If you’re in Basel – it would be worth checking out the clothes she’s wearing in this post from the Store – Sirup kids. All pictures by my dear friend and ace photographer – Zarina Yaya.

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Here are the coordinates:

Sirup Design & Second Hand for Kids

Totentanz 5

CH – 4051 Basel

Tel: +41 (0) 61 261 33 01

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