Style Files: Keep Calm and Carry a Fabulous Bag with Paisley


A very wise woman once said: “Don’t cry. Buy a bag, and get over it.” I don’t know her but I love her.
Truth is, we want everything in a bag: we want it to be cute, to be trendy and functional.
And we want it to match EVERY outfit we pick.


When bags are never enough

Just like you can never have enough shoes, you can never have enough bags! While I love colours and bright shades, I like mixing things up with elegance and class. I would never be caught wearing a fluorescent coloured bag with any outfit…not even on a Saturday afternoon.


Paisley Officewear

My latest find “Paisley” almost nails it – the bags from Paisley are a perfect blend of elegance and style. I have been in the corporate world for over 14 years but what I could never find is the balance – balance between the price and the finesse. There was always a problem – either the product was very expensive or too boring or too bland. It’s never easy drawing the line between formal and comfortable – to my mind, it never went hand in hand.


About Paisley OfficeWear

Paisley specialises in formal/work wear and has it all – dresses, blouses, shoes and bags and the best part is that – it’s affordable!


Two young women – Carolin Banerjee and Geneviève Brunner have come together to finally give an answer to your work style woes. For this wonderful project to go ahead, the girls need some funds so I urge you guys to go FUND it (starting from 20 CHF), and do it NOW since the crowdfunding campaign closes soon.



Beautiful Bags, Utilitarian Qualities

I am among the lucky few who has tried some of Paisley’s bags and here’s my first-hand experience. The bags not only look great but also suit many different outfits and settings. They come in perfect sizes and have ample space to store all the stuff that we women need. My dad always says, there is a whole new universe in that bag of yours! Well, we can’t help it – after becoming a mother – I would even use the most stylish of bags for those extra diapers, change of clothing and binkies. 🙂



Comfort over style

Women in their different avatars need to juggle between tasks all the time, my idea is – why not do it style? Whether it is a parent-teacher meeting at school, a presentation at work or a casual Sunday brunch – the outfits we wear and the bags that we carry can be stylish, comfortable and practical at the same time.



They better be enablers than disablers.

If my clothing line and accessories can double up for a presentation in the morning and evening drinks at a local bar – that would appeal to me so much more than the inconvenience of outfit and accessory changes.



Why Paisley?

For women By women – It’s a project by women and for us women!
They target a very select audience where the clothing needs a transformation!

Fair trade and noble cause – The line is fairly produced and is helping the humanitarian project of Action Alliance Africa

Affordable Elegance – The line offers elegance at reasonable costs and is definitely value for money.


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This festive season, we have some great giveaways planned. Psst… keep checking our Instagram handles for our upcoming bags giveaway.

How do you style your work wear? Share with us your outfit ideas in the comments’ section.

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