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On the blog today, we have the Drakes with another idea for a day trip to Ruinaulta, the Grand Canyon of Switzerland.

The Rhein (Rhine) river shapes the German speaking portion of Switzerland, literally as a border, economically and socially. Richard Wagner captured this sentiment and emotion in his Opera, “Das Rheingold” while living in Zurich. The opening scene of Das Rheingold is at the bottom of Rhein river with Alberich, the leader of the elves, emerging from the depths of a deep chasm when suddenly a ray of light emerges, penetrates the darkness of the gorge and reveals the Rheingold or “pure gold”. 

The Rhein river itself starts deep within the canton of Graubünden in Southeast Switzerland from the Vorderrhein (before the Rhein) and Hinterrhein (behind the Rhein) river tributaries.

Ruinaulta is a deep river gorge formed over 10,000 years by the Vorderrhein west of Bonaduz. Ruinaulta, from the local Romansh dialect, is literally the Grand Canyon of Switzerland with spectacular views, panoramic vistas, rafting and accelerated up and down hiking.  Located only 30 minutes west of Chur in Graubünden, Ruinaulta is easily accessible but less well known among Switzerland`s attractions. To quote Robert Frost, “the one (path) less traveled” and thereto a true diamond in the rough. 

The panorama of Ruinaulta matches the depths and crescendos of the Wagner opera, starting from the low banks and tones of the river winding within the deep canyon whose walls soar upwards to green mountain peaks and open bright sunlight of swiss alpine meadows. One can anticipate Swiss alpine horns messaging across the peaks and valleys. One can also well imagine Alberich lurking deep within the chasm, and Rhein maidens playing along the water`s edges. 

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Douglas Drake, Catalina Escalante and their two daughters have backpacks always by the door to step out on the next adventure. Their lives and families are spread across 3 continents and 9 time zones with work and curiosity taking always taking them further. They enjoy sharing tips and memories from their wanderings and getting hints and suggestions for their next endeavour.

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