My Swiss Life: Mommyhood with 6 year old

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Morning Lovelies!

Thanks for tuning in to our special! Today I’m going to talk about my constant, my only love, Niyati, and being a mother to her.

The Swiss Life: A Recap

Life has suddenly changed, not for the good or the bad but it is almost as if I have started painting a new picture. While the previous canvas featured a well rounded life around family, home and work, the new canvas is different. The background of this picture was a gift.

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I am a mother before anything else

The reality is simple yet beautiful, I am a mother before an entrepreneur, I am a wife before a writer and I look after my home more than someone else’s organisation.

 I am at a point in my life when my daughter is at the best age possible, an age where probably we both need each other the most.

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Feminism: The freedom to be who you want to be

The definition of feminism has gotten skewed over the years, while it is packaged under the cover of women empowerment – what lies underneath is a woman who is a “do it all”. Feminism is not being a CEO, it is the freedom to do what you want to and that can be a SAHM. Let’s get over the judgement and the head twirls. You want to be a working mom, a soccer mom, or a stay at home mom, it’s upto you.

For me, it’s all about juggling these roles.

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Staying Organised 

It’s easy to slip out of routine when you don’t need to be at your desk by 10 AM or when a meeting is scheduled at 9 AM, but I say plan everything : even your weekends. This is my one and only mantra to avoid feeling worthless. It’s very easy to slip into laziness without tasks, goals and priorities. 

Weekdays involve meal planning, school schedules, camps, studying (I started my Masters recently) and writing. Visits to the park, running errands, laundry, cleaning, and cooking make it to most days too.

But I try to find some alone time too.

 Me time 

Socialise with people, go to the gym, chat on the phone, pursue a hobby – as long you do at least one thing a day which is completely “yours”, I assure you sanity.

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Mental Health and Fitness

I wrote a long post yesterday on the importance of physical and mental wellness, and what it means to me.

To me, just like any other mother, the well being of my child has and will be the single most important thing. But sometimes, we mothers end up ignoring ourselves. Sure, when I write, it sounds a little illogical since your mental health is what ties it all together. Hence, make sure you eat healthy, exercise, go for regular health check ups and visit the doctor for that little headache that you have been ignoring.

Enjoy everything you do with your child

While the normal tasks like giving your baby a bath, feeding them, changing them etc. are fun especially when the rewards are the cute chuckles, the uncontrollable laughter and the innocent jokes.

But that is not really “quality time” with the child, make sure you plan activities which you both do together. Things like – watching her favourite TV show, playing pretend games , doing arts and craft. Niyati and I make our own games around phonics and basic arithmetic etc.

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I hope you liked my tips which have made this transition to motherhood v2.0 less stressful and more fruitful. My next post is going to be around home and living – moving to a new country, settling into a new house, decorating and organising the house.

Stay tuned to our special!

All pictures by my dear friend and ace photographer – Zarina Yaya.
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