Mesmerizing Melchsee-Frutt: A photo journey

mesmerizing melchsee frutt a photo journey

Every place in Switzerland exhausts your sighs. Either as weary hikers or spellbound strollers. This route, high up in the municipality of Kerns, Obalwaden, and easily accessible for ambitious hikers and families looking for an easy day aboard the yellow train, is a must-do. Lakes, rolling plains, fishing spots, wildflowers, butterflies, highlands, edgy slopes, cozy mountain villages… all within a span of 3 or 4 hours depending on your route.

The popular route is: Stöckalp cable car – Melchsee-Frutt (lake area and playgoround) – Tannalp (fishing) – Berggasthaus Tannalp – Engstlenalp – Jochpass – Trüebsee

The path down to Engstlenalp is narrow along the cliffside and then it’s an uphill hike to Jochpass. You can choose to cut short and do a round trip from every point. The following photos cover the route from Melchsee-Frutt to Engstlenalp and back.

The sights along the way are just as unfiltered as the experience.

My Swiss Story: Mesmerizing Melchsee-Frutt – A photo journey, Photo credit: Ipsita Barua

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