Meet Our Swiss Travel Editor – Ipsita Barua

Meet Our Swiss Travel Expert - Ipsita Barua

Q: Please tell us about yourself.

An Indian expat in Zurich after stints in Singapore and Dubai. Writer, tour guide, photographer… thankfully, profession and passion has always been the same for me.

Out of all the experiences of living and working in different countries, I am most proud of the 35+ stamps in my passport, each of which has shaped my experiences and insights as a writer and photographer in small ways and large.

Q: Tell us about your current business/work.

I enjoyed being in the chaos of advertising as a Copywriter for more than a decade, creating, writing and scripting for brands like Nivea, Citibank, General Motors, etc.

After moving to Zurich in 2017 and faced with a language barrier in my line of work, I switched to earning my bread and cheese as a freelancer. On a good day, when all deadlines are met and mails sent out, I scour for discounted SBB train tickets to my bookmarked places that always feature mountains and lakes.  Being out of the 9 to 5 routine gave me the flexibility to venture out and explore Switzerland at leisure. I loved going off the beaten path to discover places that were never on a typical visitor’s itinerary.

For the love of meeting new people and showing them the Switzerland that’s beyond just postcard beauty, I registered as a tour guide with Lokafy, a travel community dedicated to providing local experiences firsthand. This is definitely the highlight of my waking hours in every season.

Q: What is a day like in your heels?

There’s no routine. My day is dictated by the work that my clients require, sometimes as soon as ‘Now’ and other times a more generous ‘Tomorrow’.

On a good sunny day, I love to go for long walks with my two little dogs. Slowing down to watch the birds, bees and butterflies is my way of recharging. Depending on the weather, impromptu plans to go hiking or for a day trip to nearby places find a perfect fit in my schedule.

Between travelling, reading and writing I also set a few hours aside each day for learning, whether it be a YouTube art tutorial or a writing workshop.

Winding my day feet up with a well-rated Netflix program and a Merlot is a ritual I never compromise on!

Q: Tell us a few fun facts about you

Not many know that…

I have been to over 35 countries

I love sleeping under the stars

I can dance without any occasion

I am intrigued by psychics

I collect boarding passes

Q: When you’re not at your desk…

I take long naps, window shop, paint, binge watch series, walk, think or simply stare into space!


Q: What can the readers of My Swiss Story expect from you?

If you ever get hold of my duffel bag, you’ll mostly like find Bill Bryson, maps, a phone with a Hindi song list, a diary with a travel wish list, passport with lots of stamps, a bag of popcorn and a Chardonnay.

That’s pretty much what I’ll also pour out here. A lot of all things travel and a bit of life that I carry around.

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3 thoughts on “Meet Our Swiss Travel Editor – Ipsita Barua

  1. Sorry, cant just be one thought about her. She has always been a go getter, a passionate photographer, a genuine traveller who just doesn’t travel to boast on social media unlike many, she loves travelling and exploring and I love her living her dream like a queen, a super fun human being and someone who just cant fake love and respect,
    …..glad that I have known her personally for more than a decade, made memories in Dubai and looking forward for many more. Way to go Ipi…extremely proud of you!

    1. Thanks a lot Anu! means a lot! Super touched! Until we make new memories again, follow this space for the latest on what I do best – Travel!!

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