The Living Room, Basel : Fashion Find of the month

sometimes the bad things that happen in our lives put us directly on the path to the best things that will ever happen to us.

“I have enough jewellery”, said no one ever.

With the most plain dresses, what stands out usually is your jewellery. It has the power to make you look unique and add that sparkle.

October has been Be for Beauty’s month of fashion files – with the Amazon India Fashion Week, that’s what we had expected. Manavi was a VIP guest this year, and we have had a great time covering the event.

While that was up in New Delhi, in Switzerland we were welcoming autumn. Dark colors paired with delicate accessories, has been my personal style statement this season. And here’s what I stumbled upon in Lily’s store, Living room – Basel.

The pieces are one of a kind and she houses jewellery from different parts of the world. Lily personally curates all the products in her store and I can confidently says that she has great taste.


Most of the jewellery though delicate, are perfect statement pieces that can be worn regularly as well as for special occasions. The long string necklaces shown below are from SENCE Copenhagen which is a young and rising designer brand from Scandinavia.




Experimenting with colors and gems can be quite stylish when teamed with darker shades of fabrics. This one turned out to be my favorite piece and is from an Israeli jewellery company – Amaro. The neck piece and long earrings resonate with my personal sense of style as it combines semi precious gems in rose gold.



The piece is beautiful and to my mind a work of art.


The earrings that I wear below have been handcrafted by Ayala Bar jewellery. Ayala is an artist and loves to mix things up – fabrics, soft tassels and shiny metals. She is an expert at experimenting with colors and creating contrasting pieces.



Style tip: With earrings like these, I recommend solid dark colours and a bare neckline.


With winters around the corner, I highly recommend buying these statement pieces. With everything else around us going grey, this is the perfect time to invest in some style statements like these.


If you like what you saw, I recommend visiting Lily’s store – The Living Room in Basel. Some of her products are also available in the web shop, but I highly recommend visiting the store as that is an experience in itself. Lily houses a variety of lifestyle products and accessories from all over the world even India for that matter. 🙂

Store coordinates:

Living Room

Spalenvorstadt 20, 4051 Basel

Web –

Email –

Lily has personally curated the entire selection and the whole store is a testament of her fine taste. She also offers personal home consultations and organises small events at her store from time to time.

We hope you found this feature informative and useful. I look forward to hearing back from you.

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