Letting go of 2021

goodbye 2021

By Helena Zachariassen, Home & Lifestyle Editor

It’s time to say goodbye.

I remember vividly writing my gratitude list and goodbyes to 2020 and being so tired of covid and all it brought to the world. Feels like that was ages ago, and yet, like it was only yesterday.

Did 2021 even come close to what I had expected? Or come close to fulfilling any of my dreams and goals? It was actually all of it and nothing of it at the same time. If that makes any sense. Some goals and visions were happily achieved and some dearly left behind. Mostly all of the life experiences I went through just changed me as a person and transformed my vision for the year too, as time passed by. And if there was anything that remained a constant in 2021, it was the uncertainty. And it continues to be a constant, but nowadays we’re becoming friends instead of enemies.

Looking back I couldn’t be more grateful, because life takes you places where you need to go, it’s like a constant process of becoming. It’s not always what you ask for, mostly it’s the contrary, but the result is astonishing. It’s about lessons learned and human growth that you cannot simply write down into a tangible goal or hardly even visualize about. This kind of growth is tailormade self-love without a price tag.

Do you know what I mean? As a result of 2021 and my year-end reflections, I have made two top-five lists of what I’ve decided to keep in my life versus what I will let go of in 2022.

Maybe this will inspire you to make your own keep and toss lists?

My top five keepers

  1. Close and nurturing relationships. You know, the ones who love you, support you, share your ups and downs no matter what, energize you and make you feel alive and happy.
  2. Prioritize regular, scheduled self-care in whatever form is needed. I’ve been my own worst enemy in 2021, and it left me feeling drained and tired for a large portion of the year. No more.
  3. Asking for help from your tribe. There is a community for everybody out there, for any and all needs you might have. Make sure you find yours.
  4. Celebrate your victories. No matter how big or small the success, make sure to glam up your day more than on rare occasions, or light up someone else’s day. Even if it’s just to pick up the phone to say you love someone or how proud you are of them. It matters.
  5. Clutter-free freedom and peace of mind. Having a clutter-free and organised home including a simple home maintenance system is a set up that invites a sense of freedom, both in your physical world and in your mind. This entails keeping the house in order with a regular maintenance scheme in order for us to enjoy a consistent calm, clutter-free home so that we can focus on each other rather than spending a lot of time on tidying up and to do’s.

My top five let go of’s

  1. Chasing happiness and fulfillment externally. There is only one person who can make you happy. That one person can create his/her own reality and choose to be happy within, no matter the external circumstances. That on person would be You, my dear.
  2. Trying to do it all myself. Overworking and not giving myself permission to take space, rest and time alone when I need it.
  3. Playing small and not stepping into my full power. We can all benefit from having more faith and trust in ourselves. Trust that we CAN do anything if we only want it enough. Let’s rock 2022!
  4. Being a perfectionist. There is no such thing as perfect. I’ve loved and cherished this motto for so long, but only recently have I really incorporated it into my life as a multitasking entrepreneur-mum-wife-who-wants-to-do-it-all-in-no-time. Can we just agree to be imperfectly perfect? Because it’s more than enough.
  5. Not needing to please everyone at all times. Trust that I’m not everyone’s cup of tea and vice versa. And it’s all good and exactly as it should be.
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I am grateful for the challenges I have survived in my life.


Stay healthy, grateful and happy.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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