In Photos: Be For Beauty Goes To Musée du Louvre, Paris

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Hi everyone! Welcome back to our travel special!

Yesterday, we told you about the not-so-good parts of Paris and Parisians, but today we’re going to delve on the better. On our third and final day in Paris, we went for SKIP THE LINE: LOUVRE MUSEUM TOUR. We arrived at about 2.30 pm in the afternoon (crazy hot, by the way,) and met Laura, our awesome guide-to-be.

We walked around for about 3.5 hours inside the Louvre, with our expert Laura taking us through the historical, cultural and social significances of the paintings, artifacts and monuments.

Manavi is really bad at focussing on what the tour guides and experts say, but since this was just the three of us, she could keep up without any faulty headphones and ask as many questions as she wanted.


My favourite!


I remember Laura saying… that if they flashed each artifact inside the Louvre in front of our eyes for 20 seconds, it would take me approximately 3 months to finish seeing them all.

Keeping that in mind – we saw the tip of this particular iceberg. You don’t have to be an art lover to go to Louvre. It’s an experience.

So if you’re in Paris for a few days, go there at least twice (once with a guide, and the other on your own).

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