How To Help Ukrainians: A list of Charitable Organizations Locally and Globally

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We have been horrified by the war in Ukraine recently and if you are like most you want to help the people of Ukraine but aren’t sure where to even begin.

The editors of My Swiss Story have gathered a myriad of information out there and compiled it into one document. This is by no means an all inclusive list as there are charitable organizations popping up daily. As always do your own research. Make sure your donation is going to help the efforts in Ukraine or supporting the refugees fleeing Ukraine. Some nonprofits give a hefty chunk of donations to their executives, and heartbreaking crowdfunding campaigns can turn out to be scams. Do your homework before you make a donation.

  • Direct Relief is one of the world’s largest distributors of donated medical supplies. Over the past six months, it has provided Ukraine with $26 million in medical aid.
  • Mercy Corps provides humanitarian assistance and community building in more than 40 countries, including Afghanistan and Yemen. After Russia annexed Crimea in 2014, the organization sent workers to Ukraine’s separatist regions to repair war-damaged houses and deliver water and sanitation supplies.
  • Since 2014, International Medical Corps has provided medical services and prescription medicine to people in eastern Ukraine.
  • Save the Children has been providing education, food, water and cash grants to Ukrainians since 2014.

Out of the Box ways to Donate:

Swiss Based Charities

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