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This post is in collaboration with Posterlounge , wall pictures and art prints available online.

“Spruced up my favorite corner in our living area with prints from Posterlounge.” I have always believed that a house becomes a home only after you put up art on the walls and have some sort of flora in your rooms. My husband and I had a humble beginning, after getting married we moved into a very basic apartment. When I say basic, I mean basic – it was a 2 bedroom apartment with some unflattering furniture like cane chairs and a glass dining table (apparently this was fully furnished ;)). So, when I was furnishing our apartment with whatever we could afford – I started to invest in art prints to make it come alive and I also hung up a lot of pictures of “us” to give it that personal touch.

From one day to the other, after I was done with our walls – it was a new place, a home that we could call our own. That’s what good art work and prints can do to your living spaces. So if you feel that “something is amiss or incomplete”, or if you can’t afford designer pieces – I would recommend checking out Posterlounge – it features over 10,000 artists (photography, painting and illustration) and reams of motifs with different formats and materials.

What is Posterlounge?

Posterlounge is an online shop, their vision is simple but powerful – “We at Posterlounge are against blank walls” and their mission is very clearly aligned, to bring wall pictures and art prints into your home. It works both ways, it also is a medium of representation for contemporary artists and photographers world over.

The company has been running as a family run business since it’s onset in 2003. All of their art prints are printed in their in house printing area in Leipzig, Germany. They deliver all over Europe and all their frames are manufactured using precise fitting and by hand.

Contrary to popular belief, @posterlounge not only offers premium posters but they also print each motif on eight different materials

How Posterlounge works?

It’s easy but you can spend hours on the website selecting the perfect art prints in accordance with your taste – I say that since each design is more beautiful than the previous one. My love for modern art, flowers, and subtle colors made me go for this combination. In case you are having a tough time selecting pieces especially when there are multiple, be sure to check out the inspiration section on the website.

I have to say; the shipment and delivery is very efficient and secure. All their frames and artwork is already put together, you don’t need to spend any time on assembly. The best part for me was the fact that the frames are rather light (of course, it depends on the chosen size, the material of the art print as well as the picture frame itself) and hanging them on your own is no problem at all. The packaging is fantastic and there were no damages to any of the products I ordered.

My choice, for your reference

You’ll be spoilt for choice on their website, but if you like the ones I chose, here are the names so that you can find them easily:

whatsapp image 2020 11 25 at 4.05.25 pm
My Swiss Story: Art from Posterlounge
  • “Catharsis”
  • “Pink Sky”
  • “Delicate Peony”
  • I decided to go for premium posters, but you can choose between seven other materials such as canvas print, wood print et al.
  • Frame that I chose – LOFT in white color (this is a solid wood frame, but you may also like their nice aluminium frames for the prints on canvas, which also comes in different colours)

I hope you have enjoyed this post, go check them out and let me know in the comments section, what you think of my favorite corner in our living room. You will often find me here, just lounging around or reading a book 🙂

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